About me

Bonjour a tous!

Hello blogerators, my name is Jo and this is my open book where I will add chapters in my life as it goes on. I write mostly about my life, travels, fashion and just anything that is normal for a 22 year old girl in London!

To let you know a little bit about me I’ll answer some basic questions:

What’s your star sign? Leo, scary lion!

What’s your favourite food? Chips or tangfastics

What’s your favourite animal? I love a good cuddle with a dog, if not, then a unicorn

What’s your secret talent? I can put 7 marshmallows in my mouth doing the Chubby Bunny Challenge

TV or Laptop? I would say laptop because it is basically a TV

One thing you want to do before the year ends: Get a tattoo, or just make it to the end of the year..

Favourite word: Jazzyfizzle

Celebrity crush: Zac Efron. *Has heart attack*

Thing you can’ t live without: Zac Efron

Last person you kissed: Zac Efron








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