Fun Friday

Bonjour tout le monde, hope you are having a wonderful day – if you are in the UK you should be, the sun has been out and it is starting to feel like summer is getting closer and closer.

So Friday has come again. The best day of the week I think, although I have uni, it doesn’t really matter. Got back an assignment and found out I passed it with a 2:1. Considering I failed the first one of the module, I am very proud of the grade. To celebrate my success I am going to go to Kent to visit my two friends, Charlotte and Leena with my friend Luke. It is going to be a good night, I can feel it.

I am on day three of lent and it is starting to get a little easier. Instead of gazing at the chocolates and sweets for hours and hours whilst dribble comes out of my mouth uncontrolably, I’m starting to like it. I can now actually eat healthy. I don’t think I have brought so much fruit and vegetables in my whole life. I am getting my five a day and drinking my trusted Mr. Water, who loves me by the way.

Obviously anyone will know, in particular the girls out there, the main thought about a night out is what to wear and this is the dilemma I have at the moment. I probably will find something at the very last minute or be very very late. At least I am getting a lift down there in the Prince-mobile. Currently I look like a hippee  from the 60’s/70’s. I plaited my hair last night and it came out quite afro. Along with that I wore a  demin jacket, shirt and leggings because my mood was ‘can’t be bothered.’

I’m off now to finish watching this gripping episode of Deal Or No Deal, what a cracker.

Au revoir.


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