Summery Saturday

The sun is shinning across London town, and it is so beautiful. It makes me so excited about Summer and everything that comes with it: hoildays, half-naked HOT boys walking around, ice-creams, sun, sea, ice cold drinks aka alcohol and seeing EVERYONE.

Just literally have come through the door from seeing Charlotte in Kent. Typical night in with a lot of moments which I swear made me laugh so much I nearly wee’d myself. Took a midnight walk around the campus. It was so quiet that you could hear a pindrop , so having us londoners down for the night didn’t do it any favours. We saw someone being sick, it was the highlight of the night along with my stupid friend rolling down the hill. Patel was happy anyways, as she got her food at a very cheap price, £2 for wedges from Dominio’s. I think it is because she was Asian and so was the worker. UNFAIR.

The ride home was pretty awesome, drove through London. Saw the DOME (not the O2, I’m a 90’s kid) really close up and went through the Black-something tunnel for the first time. It was so sad saying goodbye to Patel, hate it. Nearly cried!

Another thing, watching Come dine with me really isn’t a good idea when you are hungry and are trying not to eat. The people on this show are so weird and crazy, really dunno where they get them from and the presenter, well he does make the show without a doubt.

Off to try and fit in 101 things before I go out yet again tonight,

Au revoir.


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