Whoever invented bubble baths is a genius.

Bonjour pour le deuxieme fois aujourd’hui (Hello for the second time today)

The longest day of my uni life (7 hours) is over for another week, woo. It really is a killer though. I mean when it hits 12, the day goes really quick, but still. It’s 4 O’clock, I just wanna go home as soon as I get to uni really. Anyways, so in the time I posted my last post and this one I have had an increase in visitors, very happy that I am finally not speaking to the wall. So thank-you guys and girlies, have fun reading.

Do you know what I hate? BUSES. I mean who invented them stupid red things, yeah they are handy, but are they really really handy? NO. They are just annoying. They never come when you want them, and when you don’t want that particular bus, it comes. It is like a sixth sense: bus senses. The drivers are a p*sstake as well, I mean they see you running for the bus looking like a complete idiot with your bags and sweat pouring down your face like you are running the 100m finale, and then BANG! as soon as you are at door they drive away. I think that is the biggest rush they get in their job cause they always seem to do it. It is funny to watch if it isn’t me. Like today was so annoying the bus was packed as well and like the four seats at the bottom of the double decker were taken up and I was pushed up against the window gasping for air, luckily I had a window. After like an hour (journey normally takes 40 minutes) my stop finally arrived. I hate attempting to make it out of the bus alive when it is your stop, I feel like something is going to happen. Especailly when it is moving you fall over everyone and people get annoyed, but I always am scared I am going to miss the stop if people are in the way and today I was NOT walking back from a stop I didn’t want to be let-of at. I nearly forgot my bag of fruit as well, luckily I actually remembered for once.

When I finally got i, I had a pre-spring clean and then had a bubble bath. Bubbles are just the most amazing thing ever. I’m 18, and I still make a beard out of them thinking I am santa, enough of the thinking, I am santa. Another annoying thing though I hate it when you play songs of your iPod on shuffle and it gets to a really crap song and you can’t keep changing it coz your hands are wet and it is effort to get out of the bath and walk over to it, I suppose that is why they invented ‘Playlists.’

Tried to be Gordan Ramsey, but ended up burning the pan and making the house so smokey I thought there was a fire somewhere. Spaghetti will never look or taste the same to me anymore, just black and bitter. YUCK and I missed Eastenders because I was cooking as well. So annoyed about that, don’t even know what is going on atm in it and that is really annoying.

Anyways, I am going on and on and on need to stop. That is defo enough for one day. I will leave you with a photo of me and my gorgous doggie, Lucky, a few days ago.

Sweet dreams,



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