Breakfast, This Morning, Sunshine = best start to the day ever.

Bonjour les gens (Hello people)

Today is Friday, obviously, the best day ever in the week. Waking up and knowing you don’t have uni is such a good feeling. Stayed in bed till 11, which is late enough considering I wake up at 7 for uni some days.

When I wake up from any sleep it is nice to look at my phone and see text messages or missed calls, feel so loved. Especially when it is from people you totally love. After lying in bed and trying to get back to sleep (but failing) I decided to get up and make myself some yummy food. Not much to it really, but I made some toast. Marmite on toast. The best thing ever. People say you either love it or hate it, and I love it so much. Grown on that stuff since I was a little kid. Anyways, so after making that I decided to go on my fruit binge and had jus d’orange, le banane et les fraises (orange juice, a banana and strawberries). Over the past week I have been eating fruit like crazy, I think I will turn into a glass of orange juice one day…

Came up the stairs after feeding my gorgous Lucky, her usual ‘Wagg’ dog food and some water (she must get so bored of that) and went back into bed where I still am watching This Morning, thinking how jealous I am of Emma WILLIS of marrying my first crush Matt Willis. Aw he is so adorable.

Just now I got a phone call from my auntie and it has made me so happy, love hearing from my family. It is my auntie’s birthday tomorrow and we are going for dinner on Monday, cannot wait!!

Have a good Friday, I’m sure you will!

Au revoir, biz.


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