It is called McSlutkies for a reason..

Bon matin tout le monde (Goodmorning everyone)

Hope your Saturday mornings are going well, and not too hungover I hope. I am currently sitting in bed, just finished my toast, banana and yoghurt whilst watching Saturday Kitchen. Nothing is better than eating food whilst watching food programmes, pure satisfaction.

Last night I went out as you lot know and we went to a club, more like a bothel, called McCluskys, but we call it McSlutskies down here. It is excatly what it says on the tin. The girls are absolutely dirty, I mean they are so tacky and like wear proper proper short and tight stuff, even the bigger girls, fair enough they have the confidence which I do admire, but c’mon people’s eyes are actually killing here. This is what it looks like:


It was a piss take though had to pay like £8 to get in.. which was annoying, coz it is normally free before 11, but because there was  a live DJ it was more expensive. It wasn’t even that good, got repetitive after an hour or so.

It was packed. I was shocked, hardly anyone goes there. Only rejects of Jeremy Kyle and that. Drinks were yummy though, I had ‘Dennis the menance’ it was such a good cocktail. Expensive though. >:(

Typical boys went straight to the boxing game.. and they were shit if I am honest. Nah, just kidding they were actually not bad, one of them nearly beat the record already set on there. Typical girls and some of the boys then went to the pole where I hurt myself reeeeeeeeeeal bad and I ain’t ever going near a pole again, believe me.

We took to the raised stage where we stayed the most of the night, a lot of lols I assure you. Friends dancing like madones, more like daggering… Too funny. By the time it hit 1 we all wanted to go home, no-one was drunk (which made a change) and everyone got tired. I managed to leave and get home by around 4am so that was a bonus, and we got the bus straight away as well. Happy me

Got a nice day ahead of me though, going to see my aunties in a minute in Kingston and then have a chill-out evening, definitley not going out again.. too tired and too yucky.

Off now to get ready and scrub up for my lovely family,

A bientot, biz.


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