It’s getting hot, hot, hot..

Bon matin tout le monde (Good morning everyone)

So it is Tuesday and it is the second and last day I have of this week (CRIES), but no worries I have a lot of fun things to do today.. like loads and loads of French work and Journalism work and housework. Why is it that every word that ends in WORK is so shit. I mean no-one wants to work, so why don’t we just take it of, huh?

Anyways, so yeah I have just finished my news story which is in for tomorrow. I have had since last Wednesday to do it, but it’s me I always leave things to the last minute. I feel like a heart-attack is coming on sometimes as I am so stressed of rushing around, but I still never learn. Least I can chill out now.

What a masterpiece, defo should be in the National Gallery or something 8)

Last night I went out for my auntie’s birthday which was really nice. I always have hot curries and I never learn. I really think my parents dropped me when I was little or something because I don’t think I think things over, I just do them. I mean having a whole chillie in your mouth is one thing, but not having any water to wash it down with really is STUPID – I learnt from that. I was literally there for about 30 minutes in silence with my hands flaffing around like I was a bird trying to fly.I was trying to talk, but I just looked retarded with dribble down my face. Only joking bout the last part, but I thought it fitted in quite nicely there.

You are supposed to enjoy food not be afraid of taking the next mouth-full because the previous one was like an inferno burning your motherf*cking tongue and brains out. I did complete my meal with mascara down my face and about a million litres of water later. I was looking on point believe me. #swag

Going from one extreme of temperature to the other.. we stepped outside. I swear it was like the North Pole or something out there. It was freezing. If some polar bears and some ice-caps were floating round it would have looked a bit more believable, but all we had was a delayed bus and a tesco with a smashed window. Can’t get better than New Malden.

I fnally got on the bus and made it home still breathing, just, after an hour. Bed is the best thing ever after being in the cold, sometimes it just takes over your life and slowly you feel like you are getting more and more attached to your bed and you fall in love with it. I’m not saying I would marry my bed cause that would be weird, but I would happily stay in bed for days on days just sleeping and being warm. Mmmmmm. That is where I am now, always blog from my bedroom, well my bed. It is the only place where you will find me happy and warm, other than that I am a miserable and cold beast.

Anyways of to have a Tremendous Tuesday, I hope you do too.

Oh and btw, thank you for reading my previous blogs. I saw the McSlutskies was a hit. I’m glad you liked it as much as I loved being in that brothel.

Au revoir, a bientot.



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