111 to masturbation central

Bonjour, ca va? (Hello, howa you?)

I hope you are all good and got this Friday feeling. If you don’t feel all that happy just get some vodka and some friends and turn your mood around.

Over the past few days I have been quite busy, so that’s why I didn’t post yesterday. Sorry about that, but I am here now for you all :)

Wednesday I went to the pub which is always good and then after it got even better when a certain someone came back with me and it was the perfect thing ever, I’ll leave it there. Then Thursday I didn’t go to University, stupid I know, but I bet you wouldn’t either if you were in the same situation as me, believe me! ;) So Thursday was just bed day ft. Nandos. Was so yummy but my mouth was burning out for the second time this week, never learn..

Spending time with my bestfriend are amongst my favourite moments ever. She was a bit lightheaded from the wine she was drinking. We was eying up the meals on the counter trying to figure out which one ours was… but it never was any of them. When it was our turn (after several hours it seemed) we literally couldn’t finish it fast enough. Best meal of the week by far.

Today is Friday, obviously, and that means a 4 day weekend once again for me! Loving that Kingston University, other than that I don’t like or love anything about you at all. OK! I don’t like your stupid meal prices, I don’t like your stupid necklaces and stupid hoodies with Kingston University on it. I don’t like your stupid JG building which has 5 floors, especially when I have a class on the top floor and finally I don’t like the fact you have to wait like an hour for a computer and then an another hour in the queue at the printers. OK! Oh actually, one last f*cking thing I HATE the fact you have declined me and friend’s applications to study abord in France next year. So thank-you very much for nothing.. more persuaded now more than ever to not come back next year, so thanks for runing EVERYTHING.

My message to you:

Rant over sorry guys, now here is where today got a whole lot better..

I was on the bus coming home and everything was normal, went past Hampton Court palace, was in some traffic and went past the usual bus stops. Then as I was eating a sandwich I saw from the corner of my eye that something was not right. For a while I saw a figure to my left moving his hand up and down near his crotch like a twitch, which I thought he had, so I left it for a bit. Then I had a thought and then I was like this isn’t right. So I decided to look for a spilt-second and BAM! I had to turn back to the window in shock and disbelief. This guy opposite me, who looked like a girl with the amount of hair he had on his head, was literally wanking so casually. I looked at my sandwich which had mayo in it and I felt so sick, couldn’t eat it anymore (sorry to be graphic). I think he got turned on by the couple at the back. Fair enough they were touching and like together like couples do, but it is not like the whole moterf*cking bus started whipping their clothes of and wanking, c’mon. I dunno why he did it, not like he was on the bus for ages. Like maybe 10 minutes.. can’t you control yourself. I guess that is boys for you, can’t control themselves. (JOKING, clearly..) After he got of knowing that I was the only one on the bus who probably knew I felt so weird and akward. I had to just laugh at loud for about 2 minutes, gosh, was a good moment.

Then these schoolgirls came on looking so innocent. I thought to myself “Don’t sit there, don’t sit there.” My heart went as one of them went to sit there, but then changed her mind. Thank god. Dunno what was left on that seat or what he has. YUUCK.

Now that’s over I am now looking forward to my night with all my gorgeous and lovely bruddahs and sistahs. Can’t wait! McCluskies again, unfortunately, but it is free entry and drinks are cheap. Result.

Hope you all have a good Friday,

A bientot



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