Cheers to the freckin’ weekend

Salut a tout le monde dans ce beau dimanche (Hello to everyone on this sunny Sunday)

Hiya guys, hope you are all enjoying your weekend tomorro before another week of work starts. This weekend has been probably one of the best I have had so far this year, so I am a happy-chappy.

It all started on Friday with about 8 drinks (didn’t end up in a toilet this time) and then headed to McCluskies. The queue weren’t that big, so clearly it is not a big hit in Kingston (like we didn’t know that already.) You then have to get ‘security check’ which actually is a full body touch-up from a girl.. If that is what you like that is fair enough, but I would prefer a guy doing that, thank you very much. Then after that you have to walk up these stairs before you actually enter the club. It isn’t really a good idea I think coz some people probably haven’t even made it up them before the even night has begun.

£2 drinks braaaaaap. I was in heaven. And no, I am not an alcoholic, it’s a good deal, yeah! You kno McSlutskies is like full of dirty dirty gyalz and Friday was no different. Some dutti gyal was trying it with my man and I swear to god I could have knocked that biyatch over Kingston bridge and into the river, and I wouldn’t give her any armbands or a rubber-ring, just bus fare to get back. F*cking f*cking f*cking biyatch. This is what she looked like:

After like calming down we eventually decided to go.. Woohoo bedtime! Best part of the night.

Didn’t do much yesterday either just stayed in bed all day until I went dog-racing for Brucey B’s birthday bash! (Oohh so many B’s in that sentence, I’m a genuis). I brought some strawberries with them to eat on the way. I then went to grab one strawberry and that’s where I literally had a heart-attack. THERE WAS A FUCKING SPIDER IN MY STRAWBERRIES. Makes me cringe even thinking about it now. It wasn’t one of them hairy ones or them small ones, it was a decent-sized badboy, like the scaley ones who are a shit colour. Errrrgh. Tesco’s I know when you reduce things it is because they are near their sell-by date and that, but please put on your label why you are reduced and then maybe I wouldn’t of had a screaming fit. You will be getting a call from my solicitor so watch ya backs pussy’holez.

Got to the races, we quite packed. Did a few bets and I lost on all of them. The last race came and there was a dog called “Herecomestiger” I was like that is the dog. My old greyhound (RIP <3 <3 <3) was called Tiger and I thought this is a sign. It was one of the favourites and good odds (don’t really have a clue what they mean) and when I saw the dog it was literally TIGER!! I had to bet. A lot of people did bet as well in the group. The lights went off and the race began. Screaming all the way, my throat was killing. Then number 6 – Herecomestiger does it for everyone. I literally jumped up and down, was soooo happy. Then went to pick up my winnings, some people were getting hundreds back, but I was happy with my £8.10. This is me with my winnings:

Today I am going to Landan which I love, not looking forward to it when the Olympics come. Fair enough if I actually got a ticket, but I didn’t. Not happy. I live in London fgs, I should be given a ticket. Oh well, I’ll watch it on Television, cheap skate.

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday,

A bientot, biz.



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