Miss Nigeria 2012 loves Jumufulunde forever

Salut! (Hello)

I don’t understand why I put the English translation anymore, you all know what it means now.. I use it too much.

Heya to everyone on the start of this lovely summer/spring day. Hope you are all getting a lovely sun-kissed tan, if you can, or you are like me and stay indoors coz one moment in the sun makes you burn and become red like a tomato. No joke.

So yesterday was probably the best day of the week by far.. It was the sunniest day of the whole week and I got to spend it with the most amazing person EVER. I took a train up to Landan city and it was so stupid coz like at my stupid station, Hounslow (total tourist attraction btw)  a train comes every hour on a Sunday.. I don’t understand why it changes on Sunday though, fair enough people get tired and don’t want to work as much, but people still need to go places..STUPID!

This is the lovely Hounslow:

Omgz it was so sunny and beautiful in the town, the southbank was actually packed for once in ages. I met Papa Smurf, a parrot and Minnie Mouse –  Highlight of my day :’). Then I visted the Nigerian House which made me nearly cry (coz I am from there) and obviously because I recently was crowed Miss Nigeria 2012 by the famous prince Jumufulunde, was a good moment.  I visited some fountains and nearly got drenched, but I was so tempted to have a little swim though.. Some people were washing in it. It’s not some pulic shower. They were making it so infected. If people really wanna wash go home and do it, GOD.  To be fair they were dirty..

Anyways then past the palace and visited the queen for a vodka shot and a roast dinner and then went to the pub coz it was getting cold and the queen didn’t have the heating on coz times are tough atm. Bless her, I love the queen, look at her in her beauty I certainly would:

Spoons it was. So cheap in there and the people in there are fantastic. This guy who was near our table was on the phone and talking really loudly, then all of a sudden he goes “Do you remember when you was rimming me.” I swear to God I must of heard so many forks and knives drop and people started to leave. I mean whatever people do in their pass time  is their business, but c’mon people are eating and it isn’t good for the brain when you start picturing images. This is how I felt:

Sorry guys! Nachos’ are so yummmy, but couldn’t really look at them the same way after that. Everything changed after that, I was knocking things over and being stupid. Wasn’t good for my brain.

Had to wait for my train coz of the stupid sunday services. The train came well early and I just missed it, but didn’t bother me coz  I love waiting in the cold in the station you know, admiring the barriers and posters. I live the good life. My train came and I went even though I really really really didn’t wanna, sometimes I wish I could teleport. That be s to the i to the c the k, but I can’t. Damn. Was so knackered I could have slept on the train, but the journey went really quick (THANK F*CK) and before I knew I was in bed. Yayay.

Got woken up though my stupid brother wanting me to wash his clothes.. WHAT THE HELL DO I LOOK LIKE TO HIM!!! Just coz I am a woman don’t mean you can give me your clothes and sh*t to do. Do it yourself, that is probably why boys can’t do anything right. (JOKING, LOVE YAH LONGTIMEZ). I just wanted to do this to him:

Going out tonight, Monday night’s are the new Friday’s, should be good. A few faces I haven’t seen in ages and I can’t wait! For now I am getting my energy by eating pizza and watching Only Fools and Horses boxset, I am very very happy.

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday,

A Bientot,



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