Vodka makes me feel like I am going to die

Hiya everyone, hope you are all good!

Getting towards the middle of the week now, that is always good. You know you only got half of it left to do and then you get another weekend.

So yeah I went out last night on a Monday (SHOCK HORROR) and luckily I didn’t have uni today coz literally I am hanging so badly. Don’t remember much just got these photos and videos on my phone to show what a good night it was. Why is it when you get drunk you do really really stupid things, call people and text people at a ridiculous hour. Wake the whole of the UK up. When everyone is saying don’t do things, you still go and do it. It is so stupid. The brain is so annoying sometimes. Alcohol is deadly. You can be all happy one minute and then bam! you are so sad. The only thing I like about it is it makes you have a really good night sleep, and I love my sleep. Oh and another thing you really don’t care about what people say or think of you and you dance like a complete plocker, I mean I dance like that anyways when I am sober, but when I am drunk it is like 1000000 times worse. Like dad-dancing. Haha.

My head feels like I am going to explode and I feel like I have sweat pouring down my face when it is dry as anything. Everytime I move my head an inch I feel like I am going to throw up my organs. The thought of alcohol is making me go into a coma. It really is not good. I have tried to sleep it off, but that is not working.. Vodka really isn’t good for me, but it’s my baby. I have had that since I was about 13/14 and I will never leave it even though it is a b*tch to me. I do feel proud that I was not sick whilst wrapping myself round a toilet. Go me.

Night started at around 7, but I was supposed to get there at 6. You always say a time and people are always late, well when I say people, I meant me. I do try and get there for that time, but things just get in the way. Lucky wants a hug or a programme gets really good or I put wrong socks on, it all happens. It also takes me about 10 minutes when I am ready to check that windows and doors are closed, plugs and lights are switched off and Lucky has her lush meal.

Got to Kingston and then went to the pub for more drinks, I had this pitcher called GoldDigga. It is disgusting. I mean it is like bleech with coke. MY FAVOURITE! .. it was nasty. I managed to finish it, but I was literally heaving. I am so stupid I should have gone for like a normal one… idiot.

Got into Oceana and it was quite empty actually, it is called Monday Madness, but it certainly wasn’t mad. Drinks were cheap though, so all the students were in by the hundreds. We did leave early coz people had work and college the next day (MWAAA). I spent the first half of the morning in bed and figuring out why my time was being weird and saying it was 7 when it was actually 8, not suprising as I have bitten half of it into pieces, what else can I expect from a £10 phone.

Left the house and managed to stagger into town to get my eyebrows done. Omg. The stupid cow nearly ripped all my hair off. I literally have a cut now from where the woman hurt me. I mean she must of been angry or something the way she pulling away.. but don’t come into work if that is the case and make your costumers bleed. So looking like someone who just came out of a boxing match I got a bus straight to my house and went to bed where I have been all day. This is what I looked like:

I have a mountain of uni work to do, mostly in for tomorrow, but I seriously cba. I mean I work hard enough when I go to uni I don’t wanna have to keep working after I get home when I am supposed to be ‘relaxing’ – it is so stressful. Stupid french, bassiez le francais! (Fuck french) I hate my teacher as well she is horrible and she hates me. I am the fly all harmless and cute and she is the frog (slimy and green) wanting to gobble me up and spit me out. Just what I need first thing on a Wednesday.

Anyways, have a good rest of Wednesday

A Bientot,



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