The weird and the wonderful

Hiya everyone on the last day of the working week, (GET IN).

A Friday isn’t a Friday without endless amount of pointless rest in bed, loads of food and a lovely dose of Eastenders at the end of it. Right now, I am literally so happy. Little things really do give me pleasure.. sometimes.

Got woken up by my brother at like 1am last night so my sleep was a bit mucked up, then again at like 9am by my niece coming in my room and just staring at me if she just met him for the first time. Was really lovely to see her, although I could have slept in for another two hours.. didn’t mind though.

Brother persuaded me to go to Hounslow and obviously I couldn’t get out of bed fast enough knowing that I was going to my favourite in the world….  Got a good old Gregg’s breakfast and that is where disaster happens. I brought a sandwich and thought it just had ham in and then when I looked at it after I purchased it, I saw 4 slices of egg. I nearly pucked I was not happy had to force myself to touch them and put them in the bin. Yeah, I really hate eggs. The look, smell and feel of them, just to let you know!

Got on a bus and got to university earlier than ever where I was greeted by my lovely bel-ami Wardy, the reason why I go to university. GIRLROMANCE going on there.. Only was in for two hours and the day went so quickly, was so happy. Had to pay bills which wasn’t good, felt like a millionaire taking loads of money out of the bank, but that was all gone in an instant after paying several bills, hate being an adult.. I am still a kid, I am only 18, give me a break :(. Bumped into my driving instructor on the bus, which was a bit weird, but was obviously the highlight of my day with him talking about his new iPad 3 and driving lessons, perfect converstaion at the end of a good Friday.

Now I am at my second families’ house, with Brucey B’s and the little ones watching Eastenders. I love that programme. Heather Trott is such fitty, so glad she found someone to eat loads of cream cakes with. And that Ian Beale, well he can batter my cod anyday, if you see what I mean. Dot and Cora getting allowed in the R&R made my night, if I saw them into the club I definitley wouldn’t leave. Sexy gmilfs.

Tomorrow I am meeting my boyfriend’s parents and I am a little scared just because I know something will happen bad, like I will say the wrong things or do the wrong things. I am thinking of giving the mum a complaint on her house and her outfit, then saying to the dad “I know where your son gets his good looks from” (JOKING, that would be weird..) and then turn my swagger on for the brother and sister to be down with da kidz. Sorted. That definitley makes me the perfect girlfriend. If it was any other boy I would run away, but seriously I could not be happier and I would do anything for him and to make things work, secretly I am looking forward to it.

This is the face I am going to pull tomorrow (great first impressions):

Have a good Friday, hope you don’t get too drunk! For once I am setting a good example and having a night-in with family and a night of TV.

A bientot, Mwahs.



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