Like a virgin, touched for the very first time

Salut everyone :)

I hope you have had an amazing weekend, because I certainly have. I literally mean that, from Friday till Monday was literally the best 4 days of the year so far.

Weekend started on Friday. For a long time in ages I decided to stay in with family and watch tv and make random videos and take photos with my niece and cousins. They really bring out the child in me.

So I decided to stay there the night which was lovely, took me back to old times at their house. It was awesome! I felt really old though that I went to bed before a 9 year old and a 12 year old. O.A.P. I had my 12 hours sleep 8) and then I had to leave early to sort myself out and meet my Matt. Nothing really exciting happened until I met him at the station, some chinese lady asked me for help using the oyster machines, took about 30 minutes for her to understand me and then she didn’t even use the machine. So many people got annoyed with her. Obviously took a trip to Hounslow highstreet, was bliss. Bopped into JDsports for my chavvy needs to fit into the area.

Went back to mine to start getting ready for St Patricks Day / Gina’s birthday, was really lovely. Gina came round along with Luke (Prince ;]). We had a crisis with the champagne coz we thought it was going to go EVERYWHERE if we opened it fast. We had Gina’s dad on the phone laughing at us coz we took the champagne outside to open it. When we finally opened it, it didn’t do anything. All that nerves and excitement for nothing. Luke arrived and he started dancing like he always does, one man show and all. Bringing Oceana to my bedroom, didn’t wanna leave.

Another crisis happened Gina left her bag with her passport, money and oyster at home. So her mum had to come and drop it off, but there was rugby, so it took her ages. Aw bless. She was happy though coz Matt straightened her hair. Watching a boy straighten a girls’ hair is the most funniest thing ever, they concentrate really hard and become so quiet (best 10 minutes ever.)

Finally left, being girls we were so late. Managed to get in there and met everyone, it was lovely. Dedicated and sang songs to Gina on karaoke it was awesome. Everyone was going mad at us and throwing their underwear at us, couldn’t be helped – we were amazing. This was the crowd at the club:

Simon Cowell was there and he started crying (sorry for embarassing you Si, but it was a lovely moment.)

There was some drama and tears and screams, but the night came to an end and the dreaded journey home came around where you see drunken people shouting crap and stumbling about, some idiots that wanna hold the bus up by stamping on the top deck so the bus driver stops the bus every five minutes to try and sort the trouble out. Yeah, that has all happened to me – good times. I decided to get the longest bus journey ever, n87.

Don’t ever get this bus, it is horrible. Also, when you are basically naked and it is like minus 50000 out there it really isn’t good, silly girl. After like an hour I finally got back to Waterloo looking like something out of the exorcist. Finally got back to Matt’s. I felt bad coz it was like 5ish and they have never met me before, GREAT FIRST IMPRESSIONS THERE. They were really O.K about it though, especially his brother. Matt woke him up and it was like he wasn’t asleep at all. He was having a little conversation with him. He didn’t  even get annoyed. If that was me I literally would have punched him in the face and wouldn’t talk to him for weeks. Couldn’t wait to go to bed, but wasn’t really great. A single bed is called that for a reason. It is for one person, not two. So it literally wasn’t the best night sleep, but I managed to drift of.

Me and ma hoez in bed, Shiniqua, Marlene and Candice.

Woke up to sunny sun, it was lovely. Stayed in bed most of the day as it was Mother’s day and I didn’t wanna intrude or whatever. One by one I met all the family and soon I was downstairs like jammin and ting. Loved every little moment. Stayed in all day whilst watching television and sleeping, what more could I ask for. I broke my lent again for the 4th time but tbh I am going to end lent 4 days late now, don’t regret it. It was so yummy, the pizza slice was the size of my head, didn’t stop me eating it though.

Another day went and I decided to stay another night, how could I not. I have had the best day ever for the longest time with the nicest people :). The morning came so round so fast once again. Didn’t get up till 3, result. Got my biyatch to make me some toast whilst I just sat on the sofa and did nothing, THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE GUYS!  Stayed in all day and watched Vicar of Dibley and Countdown, wooohoo, what a weird mix.

Had the buffest dinner ever as well, homecooked food is actually the one. Shame I can’t cook, end up burning the pan and making my house so smokey I can’t see a thing. Watched Corrie and Univeristy Challenge which made me feel so clever knowing no answers AT ALL, the people on there are from some next planet though… proper weird. Well done Manchester anyways, watch out KINGSTON UNIVERSITY will be on there soon to steal the trophy of you.

Had to leave even though I didn’t wanna coz Lucky was on her own and I needed to do work for uni, which I haven’t started yet. I looked like a proper chav though. I had like some trackies on and some polo shirt, it was pink though so I looked a bit like a girl. No-one would mess with me, BADMANZ. It was warm though so that was the main thing. I got to the station and got the train, which I seriously could have got off as soon as I got on. So weird leaving someone when you have been with them constantly for a while.. but it was okay though coz I had the Metro and Evening Standard to keep my mind of things.

I got to Hounslow, which made me smile knowing that I live here and I am nearly home. I got the last bus of the day and got back to my house. I had to search for the keys that my brother left for me, but I couldn’t find them. I put my hand in this bucket thing and my hand was like covered in some dirt-water-crap mixture and it smelt like my dog has just swam in pond water, felt disgusting. Found the keys and finally got in. Was a good feeling especially after I had my marmite and toast and orange juice. Happy me. Got into bed, my double bed, which always will win my heart and always will make me wanna come back. Definitely didn’t need any help getting to sleep.

Another Tuesday, another beautiful day in Hounslow. I need to do a lot of work today, but I seriously cannot be bothered. May have to force myself to go to the library later so I can actually get on with some stuff.

Sorry for the longest blog ever, nearly 1,300 words. Wish it was this easy to write an essay.

Have a good Tuesday,

Au revoir! :)


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