Sir Alan Sugar can definitely fire me up anyday

Hey guys and girlies, hope you are having a lovely day!

Only two days to go until the weekend, and only one more early start for me. I decided to be good, yet again, and stay in tonight to watch some TV and do some uni work.

Yesterday, I should have done more, but I ended up doing loads of housework. I started by tidying the downstairs and then moved onto the two gardens. I got bored, so I stopped after like 30 minutes. The time I got back into the house, the dog already ruined the floors with her muddy paws I give up.

I then decided to go crazy and re-arrange my room around. I started at around 3, and finally finished at 7 with dusty fingers and loads and loads of pins and earings and other sharp stuff in my foot. At one point I was looking at my room, which looked like a garbage site and was thinking ‘what have I started now’. Piece by piece everything got their place, some under the bed. Some teddy bears like Piglet, Chocolate Mouse and Heffulump got demoted to the floor in the corner, felt really bad. I was so knackered, I had no problem getting to sleep.

I woke up 20 minutes before my alarm went off, felt so good, didn’t wanna get out of bed though. Was too early. I did eventually get up around 30 minutes later and before I knew it I was at university. Hours in the morning goes so quickly coz you are rushing around so much being a sweaty and nervous wreck when you leave your house with all your make-up and hair you have spent ages on ruined for the day.

I had two hours of french in the morning, which really does not wake you up. There has been several moments where I could have fallen asleep quite happily, but my teacher doesn’t agree with that behaviour. Instead she likes torturing us with french vocab and french speaking and french everything, so boring.

Sometimes all I hear is a long blur of noise, not even langauge. What’s the point in that. After the two hours, I felt the heavens open up and the skies becoming brighter and sunnier. The next lesson went past so quickly coz I was on the computer.

It got to lunch time and I was hungry.. First thing on my mind food. I then stayed at uni until 4 as I had loads of work to catch up on and things to sort out. I did most stuff and I had enough and I got the bus home, I was so desperate to get home I couldn’t be bothered to top up my oyster coz I would of had to wait like 20 minutes for the next bus, so I had to pay £2.30, but at least I got McDonald’s vouchers on my receipt, result.

Home sweet home, to more reading and more filing, which I finished. I decided to let my dog up in my bedroom again after a month and a bit, I love it. It is so nice sharing a bed with someone, even if it is a dog who smells and takes up most of the bed. Aw love you Lucky. The day even got better because Eastenders was on, YES IT WAS ON AND IT IS WEDNESDAY, and Waterloo Road was on and The Apprentice (which is currently on now, hence the title of the blog) is on. Yiphheee. Best television night ever.

Really should get a life, or at least do some reading or more work for tomorrow. The work is next to me and it looking at me, but I seriously am not in the mood and I am so sleepy.

Talk to you tomorrow guys, sweet dreams.

Au revoir :)


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