UNI: Useless Not-fun and Irritating

Salut les filles et les garcons (Hello boys and girls)

So Thursday has come around yet again, and really quick in my opinion. It is nearly Friday and I definitley have the Friday feeling already, cannot wait. Over the past day I have literally been working working and working, which made me result into taking out all my tiredness and frustration with University by slating it in my title, hope you like it! Took me ages, coz I am not creative and the Simpsons stole my attention.

My working schedule started yesterday at around 1pm. I normally finish Uni then, but not yesterday.. I stayed until 4 to complete work which was due into today. If that wasn’t enough I had to do reading for today, I even read in the bath, dedication. I think that is crazy. I then realised I did the wrong reading, but least I don’t have to do any for this week 8).

I went to bed really early because I literally was so so so tired. I managed to wake up super early this morning in time for the start of BBC Breakfast, which starts at 6! My cue to go back to bed. As soon as I was up, work started again as I read all the way to Uni. I had 7 hours of lessons awaiting for me, each one made me wanna kill myself.

I had to do an assignment due in tomorrow. I could have done it when I got home, but I seriously got too much to do like watching loads of TV and talking sh*t on this and Facebook. I feel like sucha geek on top of things! Besides, I am not going in for 11am, when I should start at 1pm. I need my sleep.

To congratulate myself for the amazing work, I brought an ice-cream and two easter eggs. I am very happy. Now, I can’t stop starring at them, I really want them. Gotta wait till the 9th of April, the countdown begins.. Can’t wait! :D

For now I am going to chill like I always do and just be really lazy with my doggie!

I cannot wait until tomorrow the last day of the week and I am only in for 2 hours, yipheeeeeeeeeee! After I am going to see people from college, some I haven’t seen for ages, for a drink at the pub (cajj). Definitley need a drink after the week I have had.

Hope you had a lovely day, speak soon!

A biz, X


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