Some people think I’m bonkerz, but I just think I’m free..

Howdy everyone, hope you are all well!

A jungle-massive yo yo yo to all my new followers, thankyou so much! Makes me smile knowing that people are interested in the crap I write, and thanks to all the people who aren’t following but still take a read (good choice).

So it is Friday, Vendredi, the day of fun fun fun. I literally love Friday’s I don’t go into Uni for long and it is a late lesson, so I enjoy the sunshine at the highest point in the day. It is all good. The sun was so hot and I loved it outside, for once I actually sat by my window and looked at all the lovely people of Hounslow and all the traffic and pollution from the cars which are killing our planet – it is all good.

I couldn’t of got out of Uni fast enough. I was literally in and out of class like a shot, coz I did all my work really quickly like a bossgyal. Then the weekend officially begun, I had another 99′ just because I can, best excuse to have one especially when it is sunny.

I got back to my house and that is when the massive spring clean began, I cleaned every room apart from my brother’s which you need a gasmask to go in. It is digusting. There is food, rubbish and loads of stupid crap all over the room. It does look like a bomb has hit it and he doesn’t even know it and it smells like otter breath. Ewww. My room on the other hand is a paradise, typical girl 8).

The night has begun with a cheeky Magners and some Dizzee Rascal to make me feel gangstarlicious. Life is going really great atm. All my friends and family are happy and everything seems to fit into place, even if I have offically failed one of my modules at University. On the plus side I did get two C’s (which were pratically B’s) and a B (which was pratically an A). Yesssss, I definitley need to read more, which I have started to do… started with French. If I even read a million French books I still would not be fluent, I guess I have to live with that, but France watch out!!!

I hope you all have a lovely Friday and have a lovely weekend planned.

Bon soir!

A biz, X


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