Will.i.am, OMG does that mean his name is William

Hiya guys and girlies :)

Currently in my bedroom, the sun is shining which made me wake up super early.. really need to change my curtains. Lucky is with me taking up the whole bed as usual, obviously can’t say nothing coz she is the female boss of the house. Bare shook of her.

Anyways I have been a busy bee over the weekend so I haven’t updated my blog or nothing, which in a way is good coz it does show I have a life and I don’t go on the internet all day every day because I have no friends (not that I do that…).

F R I D A Y: I went to the pub. Pub nights are the one. Saw some people I haven’t seen in ages and it was lovely. I think I was acting like an idiot and it is annoying you don’t realise this when you are drunk.

Even more when you don’t realise how much you have drank. Least time goes really quickly though especially when you are tired. Also, who texts people when you are sitting right next to them? Stupid little quiteones. I mean so anti-sociable.. not like I do that either. Pointless in my opinion.. Matt came back to mine and had to brace the cold and the long walk for the billionth time. I have had enough of it, I NEED A CAR DUDE.

S A T U R D A Y: I stayed in bed the whole day, caj day as a swan. Couldn’t really go outside coz it was super hot and I probably would have got burnt, so I stayed inside and suffered being really really really hot even if windows were open. I didn’t do much. I watched loads of TV like BGT and The Voice, which was shit. Will.i.am is a judge on The Voice and Matt realised that it spelt William, what an idiot. Made me day though.

Not suprising he went back to bed after.. I then went back to his where I literally went to sleep coz I was really tired coz someone was snoring and kept hitting me in the night so I couldn’t sleep and I am not talking about my dog. I wish I could say that I like went on a safari tour and went to Africa blah blah blah on Saturday, but I didn’t. So yeah that’s all I gotta say about Saturday really.

S U N D A Y: I stayed at Matt’s the whole day, TV day it was. Don’t get me wrong being in the house without the person you know in the house is a little weird and that’s why I did stay in bed the whole day, but then that is when his brother showed me you can download old games on the computer and that is when my world completley changed. There was one game which fit the bill. Banjo Kazooie. I LOVE THAT GAME. I had an Nintendo 64 and everything.

I played in for hours, but I was really shit, computer games are really a boys’ job. I died so many times, and I lost all my notes (heartbroken) and it took me forever to get them. Then POW Matt’s brother, Chris, just took the controls and completed it in like 10 minutes. Felt so stupid, so just had to laugh it off in style. It was literally the best nostalgia EVER. Watched Dancing On Ice where Chico dropped his partner. Having Sky+ really made the moment even better, must of rewinded it about 100 times. Couldn’t stop laughing!

M O N D A Y: Today was another bed day, but I decided to watch some stupid game shows; Deal or No Deal with sexy Noel and then The Chase with Sexy Anne. Best programmes ever. Had a massive binge with marmite on toast and custard creams and nice biscuits, which really are nice. Yummy. Then I had to take the long trip back to my house, but luckily I had Matt to keep me company. It was actually quite a funny train journey. 1) There was some fucking prick who like was a snobby fucker. If you saw him you would wanna whack him in the face. I knocked my bag into his face, accidently, honest, and he like pushed it really hard away. I nearly fell over and broke my head. I gave him the most evilest evils ever, and that really is evil.

I had a Jammie Dodger to make me feel better, so I was happy from then on. Some guy in front of us was taking up two seats and this guy who was standing up was clearly thinking “why are you so fat, I want that seat” all the way until he got off, was funny to watch. The guy who was in front of me was seriously concentrating on his suduko and was licking his lips and looked like he was suffering when he was trying to work out the numbers, he did give up.. eventually. Finally, there was this other guy who had something wrong with him (bless him) and kept swaying on the chair and kept doing things over and over again, like looking up and then down. He gave me a headache just looking at him. He kept laughing as well, bless him. It was a lovely thing to see as it did make me happy because he looked so full of life.

Next stop Hounslow. Finally. We then had to run for our lives to get the bus and I nearly broke my foot and my shoe when I went round the corner, Usian Bolt in the making. Stayed up for hours just talking to someone is probably the best moments I can ask for and also singing game show songs like Gladiator and Big Break and pretending you are on the show and rolling around on the bed at like 2am really is the best way to end any day.

T U E S D AY: Today is Tuesday, which means I go back to Uni tomorrow. Pretty annoyed though, one of my lesson is cancelled because of a strike and it has to be the later lesson. The stupid 9am French lesson has to be on though, stupid teacher. Stand up for us and make us proud by cancelling lessons, stupid teacher! So long though, I gotta wait from 11am to 5pm around Uni, so I probably will have to force myself to do some work that I have for Easter.

It has been a pretty chilled out day I went to Hounslow with my bestest friend in the whole wide world and I got my eyebrows done, which was the worst part. The person who did it was so shit as well and she did it so slow which made it hurt a whole lot more. I wanted to punch her in the face. I didn’t say thankyou though coz I was really really annoyed. One – nil.

We looked around the shops for a little while. I wanted to buy so much stuff today, but I seriously can’t. Need money ASAP. I am now home and looking for jobs (story of my life) whilst Lucky is asleep probably dreaming about her baby Tigger, bless her.

I now have a huge problemo though. I literally have run out of money. Yeah I have spent maybe a little too much on drink, food and clothes and pretty much everything. Having sales on things is really not good for me though.. but they are so cheap! I literally have 3 weeks until I get my new loan and I have worked out that in order to have enough money by the 16th April I have to budget myself to like £3 a day, considering it is £2.70 to get two buses (there and back to a certain place) I am literally screwed.

On top of that I have like bills which add up to over the total amount of money I currently have. Hmmm, I need a winning lottery ticket or at least a job.. Until my balance goes to £0 which will be soon, I will just have to keep smiling and enjoy the sun and life as much as I can.

Hope you are having a good week so far,

A bientot. X


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