It’s your time to shine, superstar

Good evening everyone on this lovely lovely lovely March evening!

Hope you all had a nice and relaxing day in the sun, I know I did, even though I wasn’t out in it for long. I have literally just sat down after a long day at University, my longest day of the week as you all know! Today consisted of boring lectures, failing grades, decent grades, french men kissing my cheeks, job interview, giving evils to a girl who stole my computer & glass in my foot. Oh, what a lovely day being me.

Yeah so yesterday was another good day, I went to University for one lesson and I spent the day in the sun with a friend. It was lovely. Lunch in the sun with gorgeous swans (I mean me ;o) and a beautiful view of the river. I had to wait around for elections for French Society as I wanted to be apart of the comittee next year. I spent hours and hours just on Facebook and after a while I really got sick of it that I started doing actual work, so I started applying for jobs and I got replys, one of them offered me an interview which was today. Finally after hundreds of trys I got lucky and got an interview. Elections came. I walked in the room as Joanna Swan, and left the room, Joanna Swan, Vice President of the French Society. Yess, have something to live for now. Sarkozy what yourself!

On a high I went to the pub with people and got humiliated at pool as I lost really badly, the worst thing is it was to my boyfriend. Never will live it down I swear.

Today I woke up positively as it was the day of my interview. Got into Uni and it was boring from the start, I even started reading stuff for extra information for other subjets rather listening to my stupid lecturer talking about himself and stuff we already know. I wanted to punch him, finally he went (yipheee) and the second lectuer started. There was no-one in the lecture, which does say something. They had the best idea to stay in the sun, wish I did now. It finished early which was a bonus and then I spent my time in the library till my next lesson, which went so quick. TIME FOR MY INTERVIEW.

I got there super early, which is rare for me. It was so funny she rang me whilst I was in the café and we didn’t realise until we looked at each other across the room, it certainly broke the ice. She was with this french man (yummy) and he greeted me with not one, but two kisses on the cheek. I could have just had the interview with him, but I didn’t I had it with a very nice lady called Keya, who loves me btw. She is ma maingyal now, hopefully I will be a coffee barista soon! Fingers crossed.

Back to Uni on a high to French and then an after uni trip to Tesco, as I watch my friend buy loads of food, whlst I can just stare at it and imagine me buying stuff and eating it. Hate being broke.

Bus journey was long. Traffic was everywhere. What is the point of traffic? Why drive if there is traffic everywhere? It isn’t really driving is it, so what is the point of even learning to drive when you aren’t even moving?! Pointless.

I am now waiting for Matt to come over whilst Lucky is taking his place under the cover for the meanwhile.

MMMM I smell Pasta is ready,

Au revoir, Biz X


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