So, call me maybe?

Heya everyone who is still out there, it is me again!

Sorry if you don’t remember me, I don’t blame you, I haven’t wrote anything on here for weeks.. but I see it as a good thing as I am starting to get a life without going on the internet, result, but I thought today was the day that I would come back and start this up again. I have my coke, strawberries and chocolate to keep me going.

Anyways, so I have been off University for the past couple of weeks and I am now on my final week and it has gone so quick, literally. I have done hardly any work, standard, and I have spent every day being lazy, sleeping, eating loads of crap and watching loads and loads of TV.

So if I wrote down a each day account of the past few weeks I would be here till I was old and everything would be rotting and crumbling around me, so I won’t. Plus, you probably would not be happy with it and would definitley get bored! Believe me.

To sum up, I have had the BEST THREE WEEKS of this year so far. Everyone came down from univeristies which was awesome! Had the best times around town in the day and in the clubs at night. Most days I have drunk way too much and done and said stupid things. Got myself another family who love to play with Thomas the Tank Engine toy and drink loads of tea. Found a job, got given a job and then got fired from a job all in one day, awesome. Managed to live of £30 for the whole week (that was literally the hardest thing ever to do, try it! :|). Finally can eat chocolate, sweets and takeaways which I have missed so much. Easter Sunday was the best day ever had three easter eggs and four bags of tangfastics – LUSHH. All in all I can say the past three weeks have been amazing, so thank you to everyone who has been apart of it and made it what it was.

My student loan came in yesterday so I am loaded… had to buy some new shoes and earings, a girl ting. Felt so better after them purchases. I also had to pay for loads of bills which is not fun, so slowly my money is going down. Not good. Hoilday 2012 is paid for though after so many problems finally we are all set to go, as long as I remember my passport I should be fine. I also started some uni work waaay too late, got an oral exam next week and not really ready for it… well maybe coz the teachers haven’t really told us or guided us what to do so thats not really a good start.

Tomorrow I am going to visit one of my old teachers with my two beautiful girlies then I am going out just coz I can with my sistah q.terah.

Anyways, hopefully won’t leave it long next time,

Loveage, Au revoir X

P.s : I am not being gay with the title.. it is a song which I think is annoying, but catchy and I have heard it about a thousand times over the past few weeks also it is because it reminds me of my nigerian toyboy Jumuflunde who makes me marmite sandwiches when I am down, love you.


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