The cure will always be shopping

Salut, hope you are having a lovely Thursday.

The weather isn’t too bad, for me it is probably perfect to go shopping in. It isn’t too cold and isn’t too hot, so I won’t get too sweaty or wet when carrying loads of bags around, result.

I love shopping, shopping for anything, in particular I love clothes shopping. I mean if there was a degree called ‘Shopping’ I certianly would study it, imagine that you would study the world of shopping and probably be able to go shopping a lot and buy loads of stuff. Your exam would probably be to buy an outfit for a certain occasion, wow that is such a good idea. Getting myself a little excited there, my bad.

Anyways, so this week I haven’t gone to Uni, which in my defence is not my fault. I mean if a cold wants to come at me at this time I can’t stop it.. maybe I should wear more clothes and eat good food, but oh well, regardless not my fault, right? No medicine has the power to get rid of it, other than shopping, so that is why today I am going to go and shop shop shop! Besides it is good as it is getting me out of this dull house and making me do some exercise which can’t be bad. I dunno what to buy yet, but I am thinking something for my friend’s birthday which is on Saturday – going to SLUTSKIES, coz we iz sluts, obviously! To fit in I probaly will go to JDsports and buy the most blingbling tracksuits and some Hightops and obviously some gold chains.. sorted, or just wear a ‘dress’ which is no longer than a teatowel wrapped around your body. Practical and cheap *high5*.

In other news, I have been told that I may be able to go to France afterall, but in semester 2, which is still a result. I mean if I can do one semester at Kingston and do the other in France I will only have one more year of it.. yes you can guess I can wait to get out of that place. For people who wanna or are considering going to Kingston, please don’t. It is really really crap. The food is disgusting and it is quite expensive, the hoodies are expensive, the building looks like a rough estate and the teachers are not helpful apart from a handful. Literally worst place ever, rather go to prision for a few years.. obvs joking, but anything but that University would be lovely.

Anyways my cue to go and start shopping can’t wait, will update you on my purchases later.. Probably will be crying and in shock on how much I spent, can’t wait!

A bientot,



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