I can’t walk in heels

Hiya everyone, hope your weekend has been going good! Mine certainly has been a busy one! :)

It is funny when you have loads of weekends where you are doing nothing and then suddenly you have a weekend where you don’t even have enough time to think.. this weekend is one of those!

Friday I went to Uni after a week of not going, I felt proud. Was so tired though even being in for only 2 hours… LONG. There was a bomb scare in London and being a jouralist like I am I was literally full of excitement. I kept refreshing BBC news so many times to see if there was any updates, but there wasn’t. Luckily the stupid person didn’t blow himself up and the police arrested him. Well done. I then decided to congratulate  myself by going shopping for the second time this week (whooops) with my bestest friend ever Michelle. Obviously brought more clothes and house stuff, borrrrrrrrrrring, but it was a really really good day even if the weather was crap.Then I spent the whole evening trying to stream The Graham Norton Show because my bubba Zac Efron was on it and I couldn’t see him. Was so upset.. I did eventually get to see pictures of him on the show and he was looking fitter than ever. Go Zachary <3

Yesterday was a busy day as well.. the rain STILL hasn’t stopped and I had so much to do. I went to the shops coz I had to get a few things and then left with everything else but the thing I went to get. Ironic. I then decided to take a random trip to see my friends that I haven’t seen in ages. She lives on an estate near my house so luckily I was wearing a hoodie and trainers so I looked like a badman, BRAP. Her room is amazing it is like covered with writing and all sorts of stuff, I was literally looking at it all for about 5 minutes and it brought back so many memories, aw the good old days. We was hungry so we went to Mcdonalds. She is so lucky that it is only up the road for her, like she can see the M sign from her bedroom window. WELL JEL. I then left, but failed coz I just missed my bus, but I actually got it the second time.

Only had a little time to get ready and stuff for Charlotte’s birthday. Charlotte and Luke came round and the drinking begun. The night started good coz I got told that Matt won his boxing fight, so I was well happz, obviously couldn’t of done it without me… it then went downhill from there really. I decided to wear heels for the first time in months and it was the worst decision ever. At first they were alright but I had to take them off twice coz they were killing me, they still are hurting now :(. My fault, I know! We then went to a pub before we went to the club where we got kicked out coz one of our mates was sick, YUCKK. Had some tequilla shots, YUCKK. And walked in the pouring rain, YUCKK.

It was a long story but it took us two buses to get to Kingston instead of one, having two men down and then gaining another and not having to pay for the buses, oh and getting a free bacon sandwich. RESULT. We did have to pay to get into Mcluskies.. tbbh shouldn’t really pay coz it is more like a freak show than a club. To take the piss even further they stamp you with a stamp saying “I heart Mcluskies.” Right, lemme just put this clearly. I HATE MCLUSKIES, ok? Why would I like a place which is sticky got loads of needles and blood on the floor, the people in there are from a freak show or rejects of jeremy kyle, the girls are pratically naked with orange faces and two black eyes thinking that’s reeeem and a stupid lady in the toilets thinking it is okay to keep asking me if I want a fucking lolly pop. GET IT NOW?

When we left it was STILL raining. My friend threw up outside the club, everyone was going in different directions, it was cold, but I still  managed to get my bus running in heels. Got home, had some early breakfast and went to sleep. I decided to sleep on the floor coz I am so nice and let my two other friends take the bed. As soon as my friend left this morning I literally jumped into my bed, heaven.

Today is going to be another good day. I am going to see a friend that I haven’t seen in ages and I am going to Nando’s for Charlotte’s actual birthday. Top it off I am seeing Matt today and it is going to be the best thing ever :)! I am now recovered as I have had a bath, where I had to literally curl up in a ball coz there was a spider on the ceiling above me and I thought it was going to drop me.

I kept shouting “Why you moving for?” but it didn’t reply.. and just kept moving. Everytime it did that I would literally jump out of the bath. So after an hour of screaming and tension and a lot of puddles on the floor I managed to fully wake up and start the day.

Anyways, I am off now to eat some grapes and go have some fun.. in the rain :(

** H A P P Y | B I R T H D A Y | C H A R L O T T E **

Au revoir,

A Biz


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