Countdown has begun

Salut a tous :)

It is midweek so I hope you are all happy and looking forward to the weekend ahead!

So, this week is the final week of my first year at University and what a first year it has been. I feel like I have achieved so much over the past few months than ever, I am very very proud that I am still here and completing my first year at least, even if I don’t come back next year.

This week has been and is going to be quite eventful. Obviously, I have Monday and Tuesday off so I haven’t really being doing much – just lazing around and being with Matt and his family, which is always fun. I applied for a few jobs, I mean like hundreds, and I got a few callbacks and an interview with Gourmet Burger Kitchen which is tomorrow. Fingers crossed. They wanted the 3 most funniest and weirdest reasons why they should employ you, so I said:

  • I am a burger-holic (half true, I do like burgers but rather have a bag of sour sweets)
  • I believe burgers are friends not food (Gay I know, but it reminded me of Finding Nemo – fav film ever)
  • I would keep telling them how amazing the burgers are until they have to agree just so I would shut up and have to come back for more.

Quite proud of them, so hopefully I will get this job…

Today I started off by going in for 9am for once, even though I didn’t have to, just being prepared for my Oral. Had a big breakfast: Orange Juice, Hot Chocolate, Crossiant and toast. FATTY, yes but my brain was turned on, fo’ sure! I wasn’t prepared for it at all, so it was a fail. I didn’t realised I had to write a speech before, but oh well. I think my make-up skills were on form… well not really. Fingers crossed for that too. I am now currently at Uni STILL. My goal is to stay until around 6pm. I have done a lot of notes on an essay due in later this month, so I am quite happy. I need to start it though. Got two other pieces of work to do for later this month, then my summer can start. It has already started though seeing that I don’t really care about Uni anwyays, so I have already  dossed off and doing what I want. Amen.

I only have two more days of University left, get in! Which is only two more lessons which is only 3 more hours of lectures yes. I do have to wake up for a 9am start tomorrow though, but I suppose I will be happy when that is over and done with. I am planning to stay at Uni tomorrow and Friday for at least 3 hours to get these assignments completed, so I don’t have to come back until October… GOOD TIMES.

Literally counting down till Friday, literally cannot wait.

To treat myself for my amazing effort I am going to the cinema with my bestfriend to watch Zac Efron’s new film! Wooooooohooooo, gonna be fun fun fun!


And don’t worry he isn’t cheating on me, it is me in a blonde wig. Panic over! So proud of him :’)

Have a good day anyways, speak soon!

A biz X


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