and i think to myself what a wonderful world

What’s popping everyone :) hope you are all well, coz I certainly am!

So two weeks have literally flown by and a lot has happened during these past 14 days, the main thing is that I am no longer unemployed for sure and I have the perfect job ever, it is working on a boat behind a bar. It literally is amazing! Free boat trips, surrounded  by alcohol and food and being with lovely people – what more could I ask for!!

So yeah, I have currently done 3 shifts and worked on two boats which are beautiful and got some more shifts coming up! Can’t wait, I literally love work! The best part is that I am rich. KERCHING! ££££ .. well richer than before anyways.

Another amazing thing in my life is that I am finished first year University, but not. I have no more classes or lectures, but I have essays to do for Monday. I would have finished last Monday but I got so behind with all the work I had to get an extension.. After several panic attacks and long hours at the computer I only have 1,500 words to go, which really isn’t a lot. I handed in my last piece for french today and I felt literally amazing when I did that, the sun came out as well… it was perfect.

Come to think about it this has been a very very eventful last few weeks, here are s0me of the other highlights:

  • Got my laptop taken by that evil cow and then got given it back to me.
  • Found £10 in a machine at waterloo station (RESULT)
  • My Mathieu, matthew in french ;), won his second boxing fight in a row. MY BWOI <3
  • Took avantage of cocktail deals A LOT
  • Met some Polish people on my bus, gave me alcohol and then one of them passed out so I called an ambulance. Typical.
  • Had chinese outside a flat in Clapham, got most of it on the floor
  • Got given a free travelcard, the man clearly fancied me and my leopard print leggings
  • Spilt hot chocolate over the computer at uni and my books, oh and me of course. Great.
  • Tried to book Paris in May and failed, even after 5 phone calls, so settled for September
  • Too many Costas/Starbucks/McDonalds and other bad stuff for my gut
  • My two favourite people in the whole world finally met each other :) (My fav)
  • And of course seeing and talking to friends, normally at pubs or involving alcohol and just being complete idiots – my ideal of LIFE.

Yeah, my life at the moment is pretty sweet, really. I have the most amazing life, friends, family and boyfriend. Really couldn’t ask for anything better, I have literally everything I want and it is only going to get better from here. June is coming up which by far is going to be the BEST month ever, going to Zante and going to Birmingham and will be the first month without University. Wipheeeeeeeeeeeee.

I’ll definitley keep you posted, Au revoir!

A Biz X


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