a weekend featuring a guy looking like a condom and a lot of games of scrabble

Heya guys! :D

So it has come to the end of yet another week. These days the weeks are going like a packet of tangfastics in my hand, which go very quickly of course! Anyways, so the past few days have been a blast for me, so I really hope you have all had a lovely weekend as well, even if the weather hasn’t been at it’s best – but c’mon we are in Britain, so what do you expect!

I am currently sitting here on a South West Train.. first time I have been on my laptop on transport.. it isn’t really needed and it is a nuisance so I understand why people don’t do this a lot.. more time to focus on this blog though, so its all good in da hood! 8]

So Friday consisted of going to Uni for like 4 hours to complete my last uni assignment, which tbh I didn’t have a clue what to do for it and I had only the weekend to do it in. So it was me and my other friend, Abby, against this 1000 word essay. We could do it. After a hot chocolate, Facebook viewing and loads of music I started reading and typing. Hours past and honestly it felt like minutes, and at around 6ish I had got to 1000 words and Abby was at the target as well. So it was all good. Even if my essay didn’t make sense and was total bullshit, I honestly didn’t care as long as it said 1000 words at the bottom of my screen. Oh happy days.

I then rushed home to get ready to go out for a meal and a drink with two childhood friends, Michelle and Juilette. It is weird that we are still friends after like 15 years of so, well it ain’t weird coz I love them to death so why wouldn’t I wanna stay in contact with them. They are amazing. Anyways, so I only had an hour to get ready, and bear in mind.. I AM A GIRL.. so it normally takes like hours and hours to get ready. So I obviously had a battle ahead. I decided to have a bath first, which normally makes things to follow a whole lot easier and it did, even though I half did my hair and did fail attemps with my hair, I finally was ready, even if one of our friends was waiting in the rain for like half an hour, aw bless her.

We did eventually get there after a car and then a bus journey and we were all reunited, was a lovely sight! We got to Wagamamas. So loooooooovely, now been there twice in a week, oh well it is really really good food. If you haven’t been there, then you really need to go. It beats all the KFC and Mcdonald’s shit anyday! So after that we then hit the pub for predrinks before we went to Vodka Revs.

Vodka Revs is a whole new world, if you are looking for a proper club club atmosphere and people, then don’t go there. It is a bar, with good music, but really expensive drinks and oldER people.. it is funny though. We just sat to the side watching these like 40 year old woman grind and literally dry hump the floor. There was this one woman who was literally bending over in front of these boys whilst they were taking pictures, talking about real life porn!!! Was so shoooooooooocked. She did look like she having a night off from the brothel though.. glad she was happy. This is what it looked like:

Although we loved seeing all these woman having dance sex and playing tonsil tennis with all these guys, bedtime it was and plus our feet were hurting. Lucky me I came prepared and brough flats yes.

The journey home consisted of chocolate, food, a kebab shop with seats which you could raise higher or lower (like an office chair), a man who looked like a condom because his hat was literally just on top of his head – I ask myself WHY?!?! and a big bed waiting for me and Michelle. Before we knew it we was ZzZzZzZzZ…

Saturday : Champions League Final day!!!!!!

Been waiting for this day for weeks and it finally came, it was Bayern Munich vs Chelsea (My team.) Although I had work, I really wasn’t bothered.. I was getting money to go down the pub after to watch the game!!! At work there was a Wedding function and it was so lovely to see everyone happy and enjoying the party.. and for once it was lovely working with another girl, who was a laugh btw!! Rating everyone by their outfits and that, like for the example the bride was little blinged out!! Would get more for scrap metal than anything else, she did look beautiful though :)

Home time came. Got my wages and off to the pub I went.. got there just in time, was great! AND, I got a drink before all the rush came in, even more great. I had to watch the first half on my own, coz everyone bailed out on me and I had to wait for Matt.. Second half started and he just made it and for then the game started to get good, he obviously is a good luck charm! B.M scored in the 80th something minute and I was literally like ‘FUCKK’ we lost… but THEN, THEN.. that amazing Drogba comes in from a corner and BAMMM!!! 1 -1, it is on now!!!!! I literally couldn’t breath, I knocked over my seat and literally strangled Matt to death I was so happy!!!!!

After that I had so much aderaline that I was literally shaking with nervous, full time was called and then extra time commenced. For 30 minutes there was some near misses, but it ended up nil – nil.. so it was PENALTIES!!! Makes any football 100% more better, and there is no better way to have them in a final!!

So I couldn’t look after a while, with my head in my hands… B.M scored there first three and we missed our first two.. so I was like shit, we are screwed.. we then were neck and neck at the end 3 – 3, then Drogba man of the match came up… and BAMMMM he scored again!!!! WAS SO FUCKING HAPPY IT WAS UNREAL. Was crying updating my Facebook status every 5 minutes, oh it was a great feeling. So Chelsea, European Champions 2012. I feel proud.

So Saturday soon turned into Sunday… a day of just rest and bed times.. I had to go into University to finish my last assignment!! Couldn’t wait! Got to University at the latest time ever at around 6ish and then I started my essay!!! Literally was there until around half 8 and I was done done done!!!!! I had to let my trusted friend hand it in for me coz they lock the stupid room where you have to submit it… so stupid, and they say it is for ‘security reasons.’ What you mean? You think people are going to rob a sack of essays.. yeah coz I forgot how expensive they can get on Ebay -.- ! That’s my Uni for you everyone, totally crap.

Feeling on a high, higher than ever before, I got a Hot Chocolate and a Mcdonald’s.. (happy meal of course) and had my binge.. felt so good knowing that I have months and months just to do nothing and earn some cash!! Woooo!! Made it even better that I would be going straight to Matt’s to share my excitement!!!!!!!

So woo I am offically free for the great summer 2012!!!! Anyone who wants to hire me, I am free ANYTIME :) I am lovely, kind and just perfect!! Let m  know ;) !

Now, time to start wasting days sitting in front of my laptop screen browsing for clothes for Zante and the lovely summer!

Have a lovely week guys,

A bientot, Biz X


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