coco pops and milk makes a bowl full of fun

Happy Wednesday everyone.

For those who are in work or still at school (LOL) then you are half way through the week, you can do it! For the other people who are lucky to have nothing to do, you have another day of television to watch, food to eat and a bed to sleep in. Perfect.

I am currently at my friend’s house, well I say a friend but she is the bestest human in the whole world, closely followed by Zac Efron. Yesterday night and today have been the best cure for a life full of stress, believe me. It has involved a plate overfilled with curry, popadoms and naan bread, a rocky road sundae and two bowls of coco pops – what a fatty, I know. Sadly, I have a cold so most of the food I couldn’t taste one bit, but still didn’t stop me from eating it. Having Coco Pops literally took me back to the young days when my mum and dad banned it in our house coz it contained so much shit which made me a bit loopy, so when I realise that Michelle had Coco Pops I literally was so happy, my little treat.

The rest of the day looks like a lazy day in my PJs. I am currently catching up with a dose of Eastenders and failing miserably at understanding what is going on as I haven’t seen it for around a month, thank god for Virgin Media.

Hittin’ oceana for the first time in months tonight, should be a good one. The last time I was there I was passed out around a toilet and being taken to a medical room until I was better, good times. Hopefully that will not happen tonight, not promising anything though.

Hope you all have a good Wednesday, speak soon.

A biz X


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