Destressing myself

So I have opened up a new life in the past few days and it just seems like everything is going down hill right now. Just to sum things up for you, I’ll make a list of everything which is stressing me out:

  • The  house is in a right state. You would think a council house would at least be in a good state for us to move in to, but no. The paint and the floor have not been touched, so the decorator has the stay more to work more, therefore more money is going out of of our pockets, which we don’t have. It is funny how they do that to us, when literally we don’t deserve going from a THREE BEDROOM HOUSE to a FLAT which is SHIT… it is getting better though. Paint is finally on the walls, so life is great.
  • I have run out of money, which is self-explanatory. There is no jobs out there, I have tried and tried so hard to get a job, but literally there is none out there. It is not coz I am stupid or have no qualifications, I do and some good ones as well and I find that people who haven’t done as much education as me or haven’t got any qualifications at all get work, not fair really. Oh well, that is life I suppose.
  • Because of number two, I am literally stressing out trying to find money some way. That is either from selling some of my stuff to stop going out full stop, not eating and just trying to borrow as much as I can. Rent is the main priority at the moment, and if I can pay it by doing all the above things, I will have to do it.
  • My dog. My dog is beautiful, but  she is also a pain. She is a little Staffordshire, so instantly you can  understand what I am getting at. She is barking a lot at the new flat and tbh it is a huge problem. Living next to 3 other families in a block really does not help as the noise is bounced off all the walls, and is really loud. She also is too hyper and makes people afraid of her when she is jumping up and ting. Not good. And besides I have no money to look after her no more. Maybe some people would be like “well it is only a few pounds a week for food and stuff.” Yeah, but with no parents and no job it is a few pounds I need to keep a roof over my head.
  • I am in debt with a number of people, great stuff. I try not to remember this one coz it causes me the most worry and stress.

I think that is the main things atm, well it is enough to keep me going. I am working at each and every one to try and minimize them, but tbh it is not working. I find myself having less money even when I am doing nothing, it is crazy. Life costs too much these days, it really is unfair. Until I get my grant and loan in September I don’t know what to do.. but I suppose I have to push on like I have been doing over the past year and a bit.

Anyways of down the pub I go to forget my life for a few hours with my tap water!! If anyone has a job out there for me! Let me know, Lol :)

Speak soon,



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