PBD : Post-birthday depression

You got them mid-week blues? Hang on in there is only two days to go until the weekend, wooo :)

So yesterday was my birthday, and I was 19. It is a shit age, you can basically do the same thing that you did when you was 18, expect this time round you are less excited for it and have less money in the process. Yes, alcohol does that to you. Good times. For people who are underage and are waiting to be 18 to drink and stuff, please stop being excited coz it is a waste of time and money. You literally get smashed too much where you are hugging the toilet and throwing up your guts in the toilet, although it was a funny process and you got a lot of banter with your friends it is seriously not worth it, but although I say all this I will never ever ever ever stop having my goregous Vodka, which I will have again tonight. Yes, pub times again with my friends what more can I ask for to make me happy after suffering from PBD from yesterday.

Yesterday it was my birthday and I had a really good day. It did start off with a date from the carpetman and he got me a present of a new carpet and I only just met him, was great. So now my bedroom is finished, minus the furniture. I then decided to have a productive day by going to shops and fixing certain things of mine, starting with my laptop and then my headphones.  I then ended up in Kingston with a starbucks, delicious! I spent a few hours with my friend and chatted about a gold postbox near her house in honor of Mo Farah. Yes, the Momister lives near us, good times.

I then spent the evening with my mum and dad, which was lovely to see them for a little bit. I gave them some flowers, one with a red rose and one with a pink. They both look beautiful now. I then returned home to have three of my favourite people round to visit me, Patel, Michelle and Matt. It was lovely to see them. Michelle and Patel left and I got to spend the night with my amazing boyfriend. He brought me a caterpiller cake and sung me happy birthday on his own, was cutest thing and we had pizza, the best combination ever.

Overall it was such a perfect day and I couldn’t ask for anything more, thanks to everyone who made it special!

Happy 19th Birthday to me!  Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray and one for luck, hip hip hooray.


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