we’re all going on a summer holiday

Hiya guys! Hope you are all well! :) I have had a packet of fruit pastilles and I am ready to type. 

Sorry for my little absence, been washing way too much clothes and eating the rest over of my birthday cake and now I can officially say I am used to being 19.. kind of, well what I mean is, is that I have finally brought myself round to actually saying the words: “I am 19.”

So today’s topic of conversation is BRITISH HOILDAYS! Just because I am going for a little getaway tomorrow till Thursday, and I can’t wait. I am more excited for these two days away than I was for Zante, and that was a HOT Greek Island.. although British is getting hot hot hot over the past week or so, so that be great. I am going to a little town called Great Yarmouth, which is to the South-East of Britain and I was born there.

(Great Yarmouth is on the Eastern edge of the ‘Eastern England’ section of the map for all you overseas people)

Every year since I can remember I have always been there on hoilday no matter what, mostly with family, but due to issues other the years that hasn’t been possible, but now the time has come to go back there again! I can’t wait to feel like the kid I was and just have no worries and sit by the sea for hours and hours and watch the sun go down and play for hours and hours in the arcades loosing so much money, but I didn’t care I had such a blast! I will get this lovely feeling again including all the memories that I had flooding back to me and it is all thanks to one amazing guy called Matt. I am so grateful and by far it is the best and perfect birthday present which I could ever ever ask for. There I  will be in my own little world and just have such a good time without caring if people think I am weird by going on the monkey-bars or just acting like an idiot with sand in my hair.


Really don’t know how I am going to sleep tonight, but I better start now – in this heat it will probably take me a few hours just to get settled.

So excited, I’ll keep you posted.

Jo X




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