Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Firstly, I must say I am terribly sorry about my long absence – had too much to sort out (and I have still not sorted everything out).


I have broken my ankle, when I say broken I am not in a wheelchair, but I have to have these stupid sticks to hold you up (so you don’t put weight on your feet) called crutches and they make you have blisters on your hands, it is horrible. The story that goes with it is more entertaining though.

It all started on Halloween. Everything was good, I was a cat (MIAOW) and I was ready to go on the prowl. Being a cat I did not use my tiny brain, so when I stepped of the train I literally fell of the train. I was like a plank of wood when it falls, was not good. I feel literally through a group of people – so I know how to make a big entrance #win. I struggled to my feet, laughing it off, when really my ankle was FUCKING HURTING, I then staggered to a poster of the train map and hanged on to the top of it for around 5 minutes. Then I was ready to go out so I met the rest of the gang and got on the train. When I sat down that is when I really felt the pain, so therefore I could not go out as a cat. So no, EVERYONE DOES NOT WANT TO BE A CAT. Luckily for me some guy tagged along with us, lucky me, not so lucky for the girls who had to stick with him, and he brought my ticket. Wiphee. I then hopped home and ever since I have been house-ridden, and I can’t go anywhere. I can, but it will require me hopping along and struggling. For example a journey which would normally take around 15 minutes to walk, would take an hour. This is a real life example, which was proven the other day.




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