12 days of Christmas Crackers

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and of course, warm!

As the sun fades away so does the sunglasses, maxi dresses and the sandals and out comes the jumpers, gloves and hats. As the temperature falls we pile on more and more clothes to stop the shivers in our bones. If you are someone, like myself, who finds it difficult to choose the ideal and warm clothing to wear out.. LOOK NO MORE!

Casual Catwalk with a hint of rainbow:

Grand total: £92.18

Of course, this is just a guide, but you can mix and match as you wish. I love wearing colours, especially when it is so miserable outside highlighted from the grey skies above. Also, feel free to drop the heels and wear boots in order to speed your journey up so you are in the warmth quicker.
With this outfit I would recommend an up-do for your hair such as a bun or even a high pony tail to give the outfit a hint more of sophistication. You can buy the bun helper (which is a foam circle which expands so your hair can wrap round it and create a circle shape, therefore the bun look) from any retail for very little, a few pounds, and have a hairstyle which is easy and quick to do and looks incredible like you can see below..

You can purchase the ‘bun helper’ below from New Look for only £3.50. For the super-saver Primark Stores have one for £1 and comes in all different shades. It is definitely a must have for this season.


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