12 days of Christmas : Pastel V Gothic

This season I am bringing you my favourite and must have clothing for this season, with a hint of colour and difference. Yesterday, it was casual clothing with a hint of colour. The yellow from the jeans and the orange from the scarf, which I posted yesterday, compliment each other, brightening up any winter morning, afternoon and evening. Along with the ear-muffs it gives the outfit a hint of winter without feeling so cold. If you have not looked at yesterday’s outfit then feel free, just scroll down and you will see it (let me know what you think though)!

Enough of yesterday.. on to today’s topic: Pastel V Gothic. Everyone who reads Vogue, Vanity Fair and my favourite, COSMO, have noticed the trend of pastel. The lovely faded colours of pink, green and yellow are perfect for people who like colours, but do want to stand out too much. The pastel palette definitely can make any person feel confident and sexy and give a dose of youth to any woman’s complexion, without needing any needles. It always reminds me of crayons which I used to draw with when I was younger, love the nostalgia. Who does not want to wear crayons and be a kid again.. BECAUSE I SURE DO!

The other trend at the moment is the Gothic look, which features dark colours such as blood red and black. I completely agree with people who choose to wear these dark colours, including plums and purples, this season. Black and reds are the best colour mix I can think of because everyone can wear them and look fantastic, that is why everyone has a little black number they wear on a night out, right? IT IS A MUST! I think the deep black against the red also radiates the Gothic look, although known for years, it always looks sophisticated with a capital ‘s’.

Enough of me rambling on about my loves, it is time to show you my take on the two trends, which I would love to buy and I hope you will as well, but with lack of funds I can not *cries*… I guess I have to wait until January sales (counting down the days already)!

The Gothic Glam Girl:

This outfit has everything which is HOT HOT HOT at the moment, it will definitely not leave you in the cold. The velvet plum top compliments the leather skirt, giving it a hint of vintage. The sleeveless top is perfect for dancing the night away as well as the platform lace boots which look comfortable to dance any macarena. The little flares on the top are a must when you are shaking your booty, to make you feel like a princess with swivels but for a fraction of the price – and you can not get any better than that. La piece de résistance : the aztec tights. I would literally die for them, look at them. Aztec was definitely a hit in the summer, who says it can not be in the winter. The pattern reminds me of music festivals and tie-die tshirts, literally living la vida loca aka student life.

Altogether I believe this outfit is perfect for anyone, although the skirt is a little bit, maybe a lot, up the leg I believe the tights make the outfit modest and gorgeous without looking like a slut pushing out all the wrong assets. Lovely.

Palette of Pastel paradise:


Again I am biased, I would definitely wear this outfit. I am a tomboy girl (which is a girl who tends to like and share an interest in boylike things) so when I put this outfit together I instantly said this is for the prep/sporty girl. Although it is a prep-style outfit, it still has the girly elements, and so it should do! Secretly no girl hates pink, it is in our bones, it makes us look innocent, lovely and cute (of course we are all those things even if we do not wear pink). The colour block from the contrasting green allows you to say ‘au revoir’ to your lumps and bumps and hello to a shape which any mathematician would like to play with. H&M have a lovely range of shirts; they are cheap and also very durable. In particular this one can be worn in all seasons, making you look healthy and bright no matter what time of year, even in the dark. The shirt is optional, but I do think the jumper/shirt combination looks so smart and so stylish that everyone will take you more seriously, even your boss – result. I finished the outfit with a floral bag, hi-top shops and knee high socks. The backpack is not only useful to fill it with shoes, bags, dresses and all the other essentials on your 8 hour shopping binge, but also gives the outfit a little more character. The knee-high socks and the trainers is another A* combination that I love. The neutral colours on the shoes and socks allows them not to clash with any other item and leaves you a very cool mama without breaking a sweat, which to be honest in winter is very hard to do anyway.

Images courtesy of http://www.handm.com, http://www.topshop.com, http://www.boohoo.com, http://www.newlook.com and http://www.pullandbear.com



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