MUA Makeup Review

So I decided to update my make-up bag, because until a few days ago it was dull and it needed a change. I like to explore new companies and also the classics such as Maybelline, MaXfactor and Collection 2000. I like to grab myself a bargain so when I was in Superdrug I was on the look at for deals. As I strolled to the end of the make-up line I saw a little section of ‘MUA’. I have heard of this brand, but personally have never brought anything from there. I have a MUA mascara which is probably one of the best mascaras I have ever had, perfect shaped lashes and without any clumps. So with this in mind I jumped at the chance to look at their collection.

On a glance they do not have a wide and original collection like some of the bigger brands have, but they have the every day products which women need everyday, which I believe is more important.. and on a plus it is REALLY cheap. I brought three products: an eye liner, a palette of three eye-shadows and a blusher. In my mind the perfect trio to make yourself prettier. Guess what? It only cost me £4.50!!! Yes, that is not a mistake, £4.50!! I was so chuffed that I managed to buy myself some chocolate Santas and chocolate coins.


My little MUA family




MUA Pencil eye-liner, £1, from Superdrug stores


I love eye-liner products, I love liquid eye-liners and I love pencils eye-liners  I know there are a lot of brilliant pencils out there from Gosh, for example, but again for a £1 I wanted to be adventurous and so I brought the one from MUA. It is vital that the pencil stays on your eyelid and does not smudge under your eyes as you will look like an idiot and we do not want that. I am wearing it at the moment and it looks thick and full of colour, as I know some pencils can fade easily as it rubs against your eyeball (love that word btw) and become a fail.

To top it off, just wait – you will not believe this, because I certainly did not, there is a sharpener in the lid.. did you hear me? A SHARPENER IN THE LID. Whoever invented that is a genius. I mean you do not need to buy a sharpener and this can sharpen your eyebrow pencil and all your other pencils – maybe not your colouring pencils, do not think that would be a good idea. It is not blunt either so I have sharpened all of my products which I can sharpen and now I have a make-up bag full of sharp things, so do not p*ss me off – I am warning you (joking..obviously, I am nice.)

To conclude, this product is amazing.

Score 9/10


MUA Blusher, £1, from Superdrug stores


As I am quite pale I need a bright pink to settle on it. There are also darker shades that you can choose from. As you can see it is a small sample of blusher, but 1) What can you expect for a £1? and 2) You can take it anywhere and it saves so much space! – Result, if you ask me. I have noticed as well that when you drop blushers on the floor it can create cracks in the product and this leads to disaster when you open the item as it goes EVERYWHERE! but I have dropped this already down the sink and on floors and I see no cracks, yes. So for the accident-prone in all of us (like myself) this is good to us, so be as accident-prone as you want, but only around the blusher.

To complete the combination, please use a BRUSH! They are necessary for a even coverage and it takes less time to apply rather than rubbing it in with your fingers, which leaves your fingertips pink and creates a weird shape on your cheeks. The brush avoids both of these and follows the shape of your cheekbone to create a circle of blush. Plus, they are cheap. I got mine for £1.99 from Superdrug. If you want to look classy and ‘rich’ then the BarryM blusher brush is only £2.99 and it is green! Ooooh.

Score 8/10


MUA Trio of eye-shadows, £2.50, from Superdrug stores


I needed a new eye-shadow, but three was just a bonus. I chose natural shades as I do not like overpowering eyes as it looks ridiculous. Like who wants to have bright purple eye-shadow mixed with green? For those who do, I am sorry for being rude, bet it looks…nice. I normally like to use two shades on my eyes, one light and one dark. It also comes with a brush with two ends, one to apply and one for shading. As the eye-shadows are moulded circularly it is hard to get the powder on your brush so you do have to apply a bit of pressure. I would prefer to use another eye-shadow brush with bristles on the end so the eye-shadow can cover each bristle in turn.

The ending result is a bit of a let down. It does not stick to your skin, so even when you apply it a billion times it stays the same shade on your eyelids, so I am a little disappointed. Applying the darker shade to the end of my lids did make the orangey colour stand out more, so I was a little happier. On a bigger plus it does not fade on the eyelids and it does create a natural look which blends in to whatever skin shade you are.

Score 6 and a half / 10


One thought on “MUA Makeup Review

  1. Might try out some of there products finally! They’re always staring at me saying ‘I’m only £1’ but I’ve been too cautious haha. Love the post and I may just have to purchase the eyeliner…with the sharpener on the top!

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