a very merry chicmas

Long time no speak, but I am back, back again!

Tomorrow is a day of smiles, togetherness and a feast of food all day. So to be prepared for this festive time of year, here is an outfit for any round the table meal with friends and family or for a good old knees up (my favourite.)

The perfect present

Black and Gold


The black and gold look is perfect for this festive day. The black gives the outfit a high class of sophistication and the gold makes put any christmas faerie lights to shame as it sparkles up any room. The chiffon material is light-weight and makes the drop of the dress very classy. This type of dress has been in fashion this year and is definitely on the VIP list and should be in any girls wardrobe. The studded detail around the upper part of the dress makes this dress fit for any occasion, adding a little bit of glam. The boob-tube detail makes it zero to sexy in 0.25 seconds, give the boys a cheeky peek, it is christmas. The open-toe stilettos will add a couple of centimetres (a plus to the dwarves amongst us). Although the heels are definitely not for the faint hearted as well as the moaners who moan about their feet hurting. The lace loving is gorgeous and will support the foot in the stiletto, so you will not fall over and you do not have to blame it on the drink and not the fact that you are a wally who can not walk in heels. Sorted. The corset ring is just delicious. It is fun and cute and will go with the black theme and also the stilettos. It is just cute, O.K – and cheep cheep cheap! Finally, the gold chunky bracelet is perfect as you are not wearing too much bling, so it will not be overpowering. It will make a gold statement and it is gold, what is not too love?   For the girls who do not like wearing jewellery, then ditch them and just wear a watch – perfect when guys come up to you and try it and you can just look at your watch and be like ‘time for me to go’, when before you would look at your pretend watch and yawn, which makes you look like a bitch, this way you look lovely and believable!! Making the season jollier!

For now, I wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you pull more than a cracker.


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