Savvy Sales for NYE

Yes, it is fast approaching, but you still have time to go down to the shops to get something to go into the new year looking glamorous.  Today, I am looking through sales items from River Island to TopShop to Dorothy Perkins. In all honestly sales are pretty decent this year.

My mission, which I chose to accept, was to find an outfit under £20 for the big night out, whether you are chilling round your friends, going out to a club or even (like me) braving the cold and watching the fireworks in London by the Thames. The boxing day and post-Christmas sales have helped me tackle this task without any hiccups.

So without further chit-crap, bring on the outfits!

Outfit 1: Murder on the dance floor


Total cost : £19.50 (change 50p).

As it is a glitz and glam time of year, the gold coloured skirt is suited. It is shiny and will go with any firework you watch this New Year’s Eve. The ‘mini’ style skirt will also show your pins and keep you cool all through the night. H&M shoe sale is probably the best thing ever, heels are as cheap as £5 and boots and wedges are going for £10! OMG! I love it. These heels are plain with a little sparkle on the toes which goes well with the shiny gold. Some people find red a scary colour to wear, but this red I reckon is just the right shade. It will bring colour to the outfit and goes well with the neutral colours within the outfit, also it is a good way for your friends to find you if you get lost – just look for the moving tomato (joking)! The earings were just a nice way to finish the outside, they are simple but will add a lovely statement to the outfit, and you can’t complain – at only 50p (cheaper than a chocolate bar!)

Outfit 2: Skull Candy


Total cost: £20  (No change. Sorry, but you try finding an outfit under £20.)

Out of the three, this is my fav. Firstly, I love the pink shoes – being a typical girl, love anything pink and at £5 I am literally singing with the angels. The pink goes well with the dress that is filled with colour. I love bodycon dresses and especially this peplum style. Which will make people sing ‘Hey sexy lady, woop woop woop woop, oppa peplum style’. I love how it makes the dress more voluminous and hides any curves that you do not like – hallelujah. I like floral designs as it always reminds me of summer and just looking at it makes me warm, although it is winter. The tights are a practical and cheap way to stay warm and without showing off your bum cheeks, pants or even worse… your lady garden (which no florals would like to see). The skull ring just adds a little glamour and makes your hands look nicer along with any nail polish you might, I mean should, be wearing! Plus, look at the savings.. how many cocktails you could have with that. Vida loca!

Outfit 3: Moonlight at Midnight


Total cost: £19 (£1, 99 Flake time)

For people who do not like colour and just like the normal black and dark number, this is perfect for you, and has the most savings out of the three outfits. The dip hem skirts looks beautiful on any figure and the drop hides any thighs and stomachs you do not like. It also makes the outfit look elegant and allows you to feel comfortable without having to pull down your skirt every two minutes as it is going up your crack and never returning. The gold shade it just glamorous and is the best colour for them proper celebrations into the new year. The black studded top will look great tucked under the skirt and look like a complete dress. It is modest, but can reveal a little boobage, but who does not like boobage! A wonderful thing. The studs complements the gold shade of the skirt and the detail just makes it more than just another-boring-black-top-that-does-nothing-for-you. Amen. Girls, go to Office, either in store or on-line. On-line is better as it has more exclusives which you will not find in stores, the sales are astonishing. For example these shoes, you are saving £23! You can buy another pair of shoes with that, or maybe two, with these sales! Definitely worth taking a look, right? Being wedges they are comfortable to wear through the night, and trust me it will be a long one, and the strap will give your foot the support and will keep you motivated to not take them off till you reach your house, but lets face it you probably will not be in the state to bend down and unstrap them anyways, so not to worry!

So that is a grand total of £130.44!!!!!! Amazing sales this year, so definitely head down to them before it is too late!

For now it is a goodbye from me until the New Year, I hope it brings you everything you want along with some happiness and more sales!

Jojo X


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