Shop-a-lot – H&M: Tops of the pops.

Hey guys, me again, decided to come back to the keyboard and start writing my life away. Before I start just wanna say a litle thank-you to everyone who has been reading and followed my blog, if you haven’t then, WHY HAVEN’T YOU – DO IT NOW! :)

To start of this feature… I will be looking at H&M, as it is my favourite shop. If you haven’t heard of this amazing shop then please google it and you will be mesmerised by the lovely clothes and of course the amazing price tag. To be honest, my wardrobe is a little boutique of H&M – I adore it. So obviously I will be showing what they have to offer this season and of course for the amazing spring period.


Images are from H&

1) This top is very neutral and not too tight, so no worries about showing on a stomach which is being worked on this 2013. My favourite print is leopard and this is always in fashion. The pattern is not too bold, but is enough to stand out amongst the crowds. It is comfortable and light for that warm breeze. 2) You can not go wrong with this top. It is adorable and the lace pattern is nice and girly. The colour adds freshness and the sun will reflect on the top and make it dazzling. Although just be careful it is white, so be careful with stains (thank god for Vanish.) 3) Everyone needs a jumper, although we are moving away from nights in with hot chocolates and the fire on, we have to realise it is still freckin’ cold outside. This jumper is thick enough to keep you warm and adds a hint of vintage to the outfit. The stripes on the front does make this jumper elegant and smart. 4) Stripes are in. Stripes are a simple and genius way to hide curves and bumps which you do not like to show. These black and white stripes are retro and stylish, can be worn to any occasion. 5) Just looking at this top I feel warm and look forward to the summer. The see-through pattern allows you to show off your best assets and stay cool. The tassels dropping from the top gives the top a all-round beach look. 6) Just like the previous top, this top also excites me for summer. The bold colour I have chosen is not for everyone, but do not worry it does come in white and black too. The pink, I thought, adds colour to any outfit and of course you will stand out for miles. The tie-up at the bottom allows you to tighten it to whatever suits you best. A lovely feature. 7) This cardigan is a bargain. It is essential to have over the season and also comes in a variety of colours. This grey colour is safe to go with any clothing you wear. It is not restricting and can be buttoned-up to make sure you are wrapped up fully. 8) Spring time is when the blouses come out. This is perfect for them summer days, chill-out days or just lazy days. This pastel colour is not too strong and the drop is perfect for them river strolls. The high neck line also adds maturity and class to any outfit. 9) Last, but not least. This shirt is so beautiful. The detailed studs across the top makes it look very expensive, and you only pay a fraction of the price. You can certainly wear it when going out with friends and to dinner.

If this hasn’t persuaded you, then look at their website:, and I bet you will not be leaving your sofa for hours – the clothes are to die for.




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