Just got back from Gala Bingo, and I must say I really enjoy it. I love the thrill and the ‘buzz’ they call it when you are one number away from winning £10, £20 or even £1,000! Going with friends make it such a laugh, yes I have friends as sad and boring as me to spend their Wednesday night (which is student night where I live, CHEAP DRINKS) at a bingo hall with 80 year olds! It is funny hearing all the shouts, which are more like high pitched screams, when people have won. They do sound like they have just had sex and then realised the man had a vagina.

The cost is only a tenner and tonight that came with an easter egg coz they value their members and they know that I will come and spend because I want the flipping egg – good tactics. Although we didn’t win it was full of laughs. There was one woman who shouted ‘bingo’ and was so chuffed with herself that she started smiling and jumping out of her seat like a little kid, and then the caller said ‘that is not a claim, sorry’ and she looked so deflated that she changed seats so her back was turned to the whole hall. Bad times. We were all pissing ourselves though. Another thing that happened today was one of the workers did not turn their mic off, so as the numbers were being read out we could hear his conversation ‘how many pounds do you want?’ and other stuff like that.. my mind instantly thought dirty. LOL. It took the caller 5 attempts to get him to realise he was a prick and left his mic on, he finally turned it off.

Lastly, I learnt something new today.. At the end of the game there is a ‘linkup’ which all the bingos in the country come together and play a game or two. The jackpot is around a couple of hundred pounds, so it is always worth a try. Today the winner was in ‘Fishponds’ and no it wasn’t a pond in someone’s back yard where a fish won, it is a place in Bristol. So that is my fact of the day.

Who needs Bieber-fever when you can get the buzz from bingo-fever!


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