Money well spent: my new purchases

I went out to the shops and I brought some bananas, grapes and some  new clothes. I just wanted to revamp my wardrobe a little bit, but with some new trends and designs which I have not purchased yet. Of course, I was looking for sale items and to my luck ALL 3 of the items below were reduced, so I was happy and also my bank statement looked healthy (maybe not for long..)

The first thing on my mind was a dress. I ALWAYS love dress shopping for anything; going to the cinema, going McDonalds, going to bed in, etc. it is my favourite clothing product. They are gorgeous and can literally make any statement you want it to show and it makes you look AMAZING – what more do you want. I did not have any peplum clothes at the time so I kicked myself up the bum to make sure that I found something in that design because I loveeee it (since then I have then brought another peplum top/)


(Sorry for the picture quality – it was taken by me!!)

So as you can see it is a peplum dress. The shade of red is not too bright, but red enough for me to think ‘that dress is red.’ The studs on each shoulder gives it that rocky-edge which I like. So I brought it. Not only is it the first peplum dress I have, I also found it in Debenhams (where I NEVER go) I always think it is TOO expensive or TOO debehemy, but I was so wrong. I love all the different brands in there, it is like a high street Selfridges (which I ADORE, especially the bright yellow bags you put your items in.) I highly recommend Debehemhams. On a plus, this dress was reduced from £30 to £15 so I did not think twice when I brought it. The dress also came in black, but I have so many black clothes I really did not want to buy it.

Next for the shoes..


As I am around 5’7 I am VERY tall, actually ABNORMALLY tall for a girl. When I wear heels, which is not very often, I literally am a giant over my friends it is uncool.. and when it comes to guys well a lot of them I have met are smaller than me and that is definitely a turn OFF, so happy I have now found one that I can rest my head on. I LOVE creepers. Some people think they are weird because they are have an inch platform, but I love them. They are smart, stylish and can be worn with anything. The laced detail on them is really girly and it makes the shoes that extra more special. The laced-shoes is also great on a night out, so you are not tempted to take them off (who wants to undo/tie up laces up when you are drunk of WKDs.) I got these from River Island, which I go often, and they were reduced also from £30 to £15, so definitely a winner. When they have a sale, definitely check it out!

Something to keep the cold out


Of course you have to have a cardigan for them winter nights, and to be fair England has prime examples of these so I decided to get another cardigan. I went for a stripped pattern because it is original and with the neutral colours I thought it looked very authentic. I like the thick buttons across the middle and they are very secure (haven’t lost a button yet!) It is made from cotton and it is quite long so do not worry about tight-fittings; you can move around easily. It sure keeps me warm indeed. I got this cardigan from Internaticonale, which is not a ‘well-known’ high-street shop, but it is mainly for young girls and there is a store near me. It is reasonable priced and has a lot of selection. This was reduced from £15 to £7. AGAIN HALF PRICE!!


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