Five reasons why girls are better than boys.

I like doing a blog like this just because they normally are funny and also I do love the controversy that it creates, typical journalist, ey?!

So without further talk let’s see why girls are better than boys in 5 steps.. easy peasy!

1) Girls can wear makeup.

I know instantly people are going to say ‘boys wear makeup too’, and you are correct, but I am going for the stereotypical view of a girl and a boy. Besides all the makeup I have seen in the stores are for girls, so there is definitely a bigger range. Anyways, enough of that. Girls can wear makeup. They can make themselves look more attractive, even if they are having the worst day ever. We can make our eye lashes longer, our face clearer and our lips redder. It is great. Boys only have like spot treatment, so that is still good, but not good enough to clear them up straight away. So girls win on this point.

2. Clothing for girls are better

To back this point up I can quote my boyfriend saying ‘Why do girls have more clothes in this shop than boys, so unfair.’ It is true though. For example Burton/Dorothy perkins. The ratio of boys clothes to girls clothes is about 100:1. No joke. Normally the boys clothes are hidden away as well, probably because they are so crap :). -love- Girls clothes are more unique and has a lot of patterns on them. On the other hand boys have very plain clothes and normally follows the clothing world than set their own trend. The sales!!! The girls are so much better than boys because shops know girls love their clothes and this is a perfect way to intense us in by having dresses, shoes and all the rest of it at very low prices. There are sales for boys, but it is very boring and reductions are for clothes which no-one will like, for example: ‘a one shoulder top’. Ridiculous.

3. The manipulative gene 

We can get our own way, even if we are wrong. For example if we just give a boy a smile they will open the door for us, and in our world that is a keeper. To be fair, girls love being powerful and in control and HATE any guy trying to stop us in our attempt of world domination. Although everyone knows that girls can be like this, people still let us do it! Result. Our long hair obviously  helps with the process, we can just whip it out and play with it around our fingers and flutter our eyelashes to get what we want. So our appearances does help us, indeed.

4. We do not have to do all the chasing

When we are in clubs, boys come up to us and we feel great about it. It is also great when we say ‘err go away’. If you were the boy you would feel horrible and probably would down some vodka and go home singing ‘All by myself’. Aww.  But seriously, cba to do all the chasing it is annoying when you are not successful and also it is one of the DON’Ts in the girl handbook. Girls should never ever ever chase after a boy or even make the first move, it is just not the right way to do things. At least if the boy does chase you and he fails, he will get over it, but I bet if it was a girl NO-ONE will ever forget that moment. Living hell.

5. The bedroom scene

Leaving the best until last. This is my favourite one. I know this sounds REALLY lazy, but that is my middle name; you can literally just lie on your back and do nothing and enjoy yourself. You do not have to sweat it out or get sticky and still get your treat at the end. Oh the joy. You control everything in there. All you have to do is scream and breath heavily (if he is worth it) and everything is custhy. Always the way forward. Besides guys love being dominate so everyone is a winner.

Of course there are many more reasons, but I see a Dairy Milk chocolate bar staring at me and I need to have a break and eat it. Yum.


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