My published work.

2013 has been a fantastic year for me. I have had the chance to get my work published in two publications, I hope there are many more to come.

The first publication is ‘Mummiez & Daddiez’. It is run by a woman called Claire, and she is a diamond. I met her towards the end of last year and we went for a hot chocolate, which was delightful. Ever since then we have been e-mailing and producing a wonderful fashion magazine. I write for it every month and each month has a theme. The first was Christmas, the next was Valentines day and this one is Easter. I am currently finishing off this month’s issue, when it is published I will let you know. For now here are the links for the issues I have published for this year:



The next publication is ‘Into the sunset’. It was made by a guy called Richard who thought of an idea of a magazine for students who are in the journalism sector and wants to have some experience. It is a fab idea! I discovered it as I was on Twitter and he contacted me saying if I wanted to write for it, I jumped at the chance! It now has around 15 writers from music to fashion to sport. It is great to be a part of.

Please take a look at my publication of ‘Mua Makeup Review’ as seen on my blog previously.

Into the sunset magazine

Thanks, please get sharing and make sure you check these out every month! :)


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