Fingertips for blogging

Everyone starts a blog in something you are interested in such as music, photography, sport etc. the list is endless. People can also start blogging to express themselves to the world. No matter what you blog about it is all valued and it is work that you should be proud of.

Sometimes if your blog stands out above the rest you can make some money from it if the idea is unique and you get a lot of readers, that is how a lot of journalists break into the journalism sector, believe it or not.

So if you are aiming high or just want more readers then here are some little tips in order to boost your popularity.


You HAVE to blog. I know in this day-of-age there are a lot of distractions; work, children, partytime, TV! Sometimes you have to just focus on the task ahead – it is easier than it seems. In my experience I just put on some music which helps me tap to the beat of the song, which is helpful, or I just put on something that I couldn’t care less about for example; JML direct or BBC four. For me, I blog everyday. Maybe a few posts a day. You have to engage your audiences and what better way of doing this – writing until your heart oozes with love. Of course, the blog has to be make sense and also make sure you proof read it, believe me, it is not cool when ‘you aer not speelin things’ correctly. Also, use PROPER GRAMMAR. Class dismissed.


Have a theme. If you are interested in one thing, or aim to be in a particular career then focus on that. If you have a lot of experience in it, it is more likely you can talk more sense than other blogs in the same field. If you have a theme it is more likely people who are interested in the same things as you will follow you and you can create a network of people that can help you with your blogging. For example; my blog is about fashion mainly, but sometimes I do like to talk about other things – so do not worry if you go of topic a little bit, sometimes variety is a beautiful thing.


Networking. You need to get your blog out there. If you do not have Twitter, GET IT, if you do not have Facebook, GET IT. Start talking to people. Friends are really good for this. A lot of my friends read my blog, just because they love me to bits. Every little helps. Put your blog on your twitter home page and tweet about it every time you have a new post, also it does help if you tweet some people who like the same theme as your blog for example; music. You can also put your address at the end of your e-mail, so if you use it a lot everyone you e-mail will get a link at the bottom.


Use photos. I know blogging is often about the text, but seriously that can be so BORING. So use photos, from the internet or from your personal files. Make it unique and personal. Humour will not go un-noticed I assure you. Of course, if the photos are not yours make sure you say where they are from or mention ‘Photos are not my own’, just a little respect to the owner, that is all. Besides you do not want e-mails or hate from people telling you to take them down or they will report you, trust me it happens.


Use the tags and the categories, they do help. When people have a chance to search for topics they like, your blog can come up. It does help. Use as many as you like, but not something like ‘red’ or ‘cool’ because tbh, people are not going to be searching for that – do ‘photography’ ‘music’ or ‘funny’. I am sure your readers will go up.


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