London city

Again woke up way too early.. -yawn- so decided to do a blog.. But on my mobile and still tucked up in bed. I am definitely winning.

Just a thought; I love London. I am so happy I was brought up 20 minutes away for the capital. There is so much to do: visit the London eye, Buckingham palace, shop in oxford street. I have been there done that several times, but i bet for tourists it is the best time they have coming over here.
Although people in London complain about the pollution, population and the transport (which sucks) we need to realise that we live in a city full of future and life, a place where we all can come together and celebrate what this city has achieved; the olympics, top 5 visited cities in the world and of course having Boris Johnson as our mayor. Very proud to be a Londoner, and have the accent to prove it..
The photo was taken from the very top of the London eye a few weeks ago. First time on it since it was built in 2000, very poor attempt of being a citizen of the city, it was definitely worth the wait. Not for people who do not like heights though.


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