Things that annoy me.

Just thought to pass the time I will share you some things in this world which makes me want to stab my eyes out with a pen… (just to let you know, I have already lost one during my life..) JK.

Anyways, lets get on with the list..

  1. The cold. In particular the wind. I hate being cold. My house is cold enough without me having to go outside in the blizzard and freezing my NUT off. Literally hate it. Especially when you have done your hair and it is all f*cked up as soon as you step out for 2 seconds. OMG. #fml
  2. Fangirls. In particular Bielebers, or however you motherf*ckin’ spell it. I don’t care. I hate them. They go on about the same thing over and over again; ‘how amazing they are’ ‘how gorgeous they are’ when they aren’t and they keep going on and you just want them to go away. IDIOT. Just stop. All of you go in a room and never come out.
  3. Leading on from that point… JUSTIN BIEBER. I am not going into it, because EVERYONE knows why he is an idiot already.
  4. Awkward people. When you meet someone for the first time in particular and thy are so awkward that they just sit there and say nothing and when you try and talk about something they literally give one liners. GET A GRIP AND EXPLORE PEOPLE.
  5. Requests from FARMVILLE and all these other games on Facebook. Look people if I wanted to play these games I would have already, besides I have a life so shh.
  6. 12 year olds these days. OMG. Do I have to even explain these. They think they are cool because they have their BBM and their Nike Airforces, but can’t put a sentence together. Aww what a shame. F*ck off now.
  7. Oyster cards. I don’t get them. They are blue and is a bus pass. Why do they call it that? Besides I have lost around 20 cards in the past and also the cost is annoying – £1.40!!!!!
  8. Telephone boxes. They always nick my money, and it is not a joke anymore. I hope you get extinct.
  9. Spots. They always come out when I have somewhere to go, but as soon as I have a bed day or a day off, I can see nothing!! All clear.
  10. The word ass and crack. I do not like them words they really make me cringe, especially when used together. EW.
  11. Cats. They stare at you when you walk past, well at me anyways, coz I think they know that I hate them. Sorry cat lovers, it is a NO from me.
  12. Over religious people who talk about God, church and all the rest of it. Look, I do not believe in anything and that is my choice. I respect your views, but don’t talk to me about it.  I am not going to convert.
  13. Toaster burning my toast. Especially when I have to get somewhere quickly. I am not happy.
  14. Bus drivers driving away as soon as you get to the door. Enough said – too many embarrassing stories to tell.
  15. Rugby on at Twickenham. I literally live down the road, and when there is a match it is too busy and I hate it. The people are twats. Transport is slow – just for this stupid sport. Go away.
  16. Couples who feel the need to tell the whole world that they are together. Look we know you are going out and we know you are in love with each other and been going out for the past 3 months, 2 weeks, 1 day and 7 and a half hours. WE DON’T CARE. Don’t you get it. Stop posting photos of you and your partner kissing or half naked in bed. ITS DISGUSTING. Just be normal… gosh.
  17. Swallowing my tongue ball. Whoever has their tongue pierced will understand. Especially when you have no bar with you. So annoying. Feels weird when it is not in.
  18. Having your keys at the bottom of the bag. You put them somewhere safe in your bag, but they are always on the bottom. That is so annoying.
  19. Elderly people thinking they are bossmans when they get on public transport. DO NOT GET ME WRONG, we should all respect elderly people, but sometimes they do not respect us and think it’s okay to force themselves on our seats.
  20. People eating horrible stinky food on transport. Yeah, this is horrible. Makes me feel sick andI do not like it.. (Most of my hates does surround transport.. I have just realised)
  21. Having only one more video you can watch on porn sites. So annoying when you need to bash one out.
  22. Not turning your alarm off and it goes on when you can sleep in. Has happened all the time, my advice is to MAKE SURE YOU TURN IT OFF. Also it annoys me when the alarm goes off when it has to as well.
  23. Last orders. You are getting into the night and the bell rings, why do they want to spoil our night! It is not fair, we want to come and party and bull. Let us.
  24. Rising prices in Mcdonalds. This goes to the Happy Meal in particular. Literally was £1.99 now they are nearly £2.50 not happy. The portion sizes are still the same and besides the toys are not getting better.
  25. Chipped nail varnish. It is annoying when your nail varnish goes crap. It is horrible. You have to paint them again and that is hassle.
  26. Having a left hand. I mean I do not use it a lot, only for  certain things, but it always gets in my way when I am sleeping and I lay on it.
  27. Being tired when you are not in your bed. I just want my bed, nothing else. Windows, benches and sits are not places where I can be comfortable and fall asleep.
  28. People having a bigger portion of food than you. When you go out and you order the same thing, but the other people get more food. It is not fair. Especially in Nandos, normally I just nick their food. Its good.
  29. Only iTunes can be used with Apple products. This just is frustrating if I have paid for the music then just let me download it on anything I want.
  30. Growing old. Decided to end it on something which I wish never happened. Miss all the things I did when I was younger, and just not having to do anything.

Well that was fun, feel less stressed now!


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