mums the worLd.

This is the 7th year without you, and tbh I can not believe it. I have grown from a little kid to a young woman. I look around and see mums with their children and it reminds me of you and what I should still have with you. Although I have had my down moments I have also had some highs and I have still managed to stay on top without you. I wish I could have spent all them years with you; telling you about my crushes, what to wear on a night out and going clothes shopping with. I would have loved all that! You haven’t been there through the main part of my life, my teenage years, a time where a mum is vital. I can say that I miss you and want you back over and over again, but I realised after the first year you were never coming back. I hope you are close by watching over me and guiding me through each day. Sending big cuddles and kisses.



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