thoughts of a swan

What gorgeous weather we are having in the UK.. why not have a sun tan and music blaring without spending money travelling miles away to an exotic country (although that would be wonderful.)

Currently, I am not really doing much – the biggest excitement for me, is reading the last Fifty Shades book: “Fifty Shades freed.” I am still working as a tutor and I really am loving it, and the pay check I get at the end of the month. Sometimes it is hard finding the cash to pay for bills and the joys of being an adult, but I always seem to manage it, so it is all good for now.

So.. in the past month:

  • I have gone to Glastonbury 2013. The only word I can think of to to describe it without going on and on is MEGA!
  • I brought a new phone, which is amazing! It has snapchat, instragram and all the best stuff on it.. I had to buy it as I bit my old phone as I was angry and also hungry.
  • I now have Instagram and Snapchat, add me if you must: Instagram – gotswan Snapchat – swanmojo


I’m still very lazy and still never update this as much as I would like. Sometimes I really do not have a lot of things to talk about, mostly it is because I just can’t be bothered.

For now, I reckon I will leave you with some pictures of Glastonbury for you to be jealous at.


amazing view for the hill


 swollen face from sun



giant twister


Much love

Jo x


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