Glastonbury 2013

In June thousands of people travel to a little village in Somerset to be amazed by live acts from the biggest names in the music industry, and they were not disappointed.

I was one of the lucky ones to be able to get the gold dust tickets on that cold day in October. That seems a blur now, but what replaces it is 5 packed days of fun at the festival.

Firstly, getting there was a nightmare. I mean Victoria Coach Station (Victoria, London) certainly was not prepared. I mean there were queues and queues of people waiting for coaches and being delayed for around an hour definitely was not good, especially when you have your home and your entire life on your back to live of for the next few days.

The hours past and excitement took over, so we were there in no time at all. The blazing sun made all our bodies soaked in sweat was not good when searching miles and miles of field for a good pitch for our tents. Also, seeing as queues for showers were hours, the outcome was we stunk for days. Beautiful.

As a girl, I got to say that I really do not like camping. I think I knew that before, but realised how much I hated it when I actually got there. I mean you have no space in your tent and it is scorching hot in the day and in the evening it is freezing cold, you can’t win! There were times when I wanted to pack up shop and head back to London, but my heart always told me to stay. I’m glad I listened as I had moments I will not forget.

The acts did not start until Friday, I mean the major acts. This year we was quite lucky to have The Arctic Monkeys, The Rolling Stones and Mumford and Sons as headliners. Pretty good value for money, if you ask me. To top it off we pitched literally 100 metres from the Pyramid Stage (where all the main acts played) so if we wanted to we could fall asleep to the sounds of Mick Jagger and crew.

I bet a lot of people reading would want to ask Who was the best live act you saw? and A LOT of people would say The Rolling Stones.. I would love to agree, but I didn’t even go to see them. People could say I’m mad, others would say sensible. My reason is I wanted to see something that I enjoy, therefore I went to see Chase and Status as they are more my cup of Earl Grey, if you get my drift – and for that reason they were my favourite. Check them out on BBC IPLAYER and see if you can spot me in the crowds.

Yes, the food you there was not on the luxury side, but still has the expensive pricetag, but tastes worse than McDonalds, but the people you share amazing experiences with and the music drowning all of us in goodness. I can say that Glastonbury is definitely somewhere I would recommended to everyone and obviously go again.

Oh and just to clear up, I know there was some documentaries about the festival being ‘crazy’ and everyone is ‘high’ not just of the music.. but it really isn’t. Yeah you walk through and can smell weed and goodness knows what, but people are there to enjoy it so let them be whoever they want to.

Here are some pictures courtesy of me, enjoy.



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