Me and U-ni. *week one*

So after a year away from University, and a good year at that, I returned to Kingston fearing the worst. After a long journey on a South West Train I finally got to Kingston station. The view when you get out of the station is priceless; traffic and a Tesco’s, my favourite.

First I took a trip to Tiger to get a notepad and pen. This pen is extroadinary, it has six colours. My notebook will look like a pretty rainbow, definitley will help me to stay awake when I start to go colourblind. With these in hand I made my way to Uni.

Monday was pretty decent, although it was the first day of the week – always the worse. I made my way to my first lecture which French. Seeing as I haven’t written or really thought about French in the year, I thought that this was going to be fun. The hour lecture went by quite quickly although the teacher had to stop a million times due to some idiots in the gangster back row kept talking. Even though it was in French, it is just not cool. FERMEZ TA BOUCHE S.V.P.

A two hour free period passed which consisted of changing computers several times as none were working, eating and doing nothing = story of my life. I was then chucked in the deep end in the next lecture as I knew no-one. I felt like Cady Heron and all the people in the class would be like ‘you can’t sit with us.’ Luckily for me there were no mean girls or boys in fact. I settled down nicely and started the nervous ice breaker talk ‘What’s your name? What course do you do?’, you know, all the FACEPALM small talk.

Friday was better, a smaller class so it is more intimate. We are going to start a website project so I am looking forward to that. I can be a computer whizkid.. or try to be.

Week one overall has been relaxing, but of course I have several weeks to go until the next big summer break.

Now can’t wait to relax for the next two days!


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