Me & U-ni. *week two*

So I am currently sitting in the library at university whilst eyeing up the food… and being between two minds to buy something or not. For now I am currently writing this on an empty and rumbling stomach.

This week has been a mixed of emotions. I mean I definitley feel like a student now as the workload is coming apprarant and also I have been here enough in the last two weeks to call this my second home.

It all started on the Monday. I stayed after school to do some reading and it literally made my head hurt. I was all packed and ready to go to netball club, but unfortunatley I didn’t as I had no clue where it was and the person who said would meet me, didn’t. So feeling very boid I went back to the library for a final bedtime reading.

Tuesday was non-exsistent as I did not go in as it was an 9am and that for me means sleeply time. Day consisted of doing nothing really. So I had that day and Wednesday, as that is my day off, to chill even more.

I returned freshly faced on Thursday and this was going to be the best day at University. I saw loads of people I knew and I started to feel more at home here. Yeah the lectures were boring but the only thing getting me through them was knowing that at 6.30 I will be meeting the legend SIR TREVOR MCDONALD. Whoever doesn’t know him (if you are international fair enough) especially if your ENGLISH then seriously, you are not british. The place was rammed and I had nerves and got all giggly like a fan girl. I will hopefully create a blog post soon dedicated to this talk, it is definitley worth it.

Today is the last day of the week and I am super super happy about this. Yes, I am STILL in the library and it is annoying, but I wanna get as much of my work done as possible. Friday is dedicated to Multi-media project and today I learned who I was with. I’m working with two girls and a boy. It’s a good team and I think we will work together well. I put myself up as editor as I have always wanted to be this role and I got it, there wasn’t much fight for it tbh, so I got it hands down.

For now it is time to probably get something from the canteen, sandwich would be perfect…


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