R U Crazy that you are in HOUNSLOW – Conor Maynard in my local area.

It was a Thursday evening and I was a little early for work so decided to hit the shops in Hounslow. It is a shame that I do work in Hounslow, but it has a new look so I decided to pay it a visit.

I was walking around the stores getting flustered with all the amazing clothes on sale plus they were in season too which made me so happy! I couldn’t stop buying more and more things. When the moment went I did put some back as I did kinda have the whole of the stock in my hand after doing a full circle of the sales.

I began to walk over to the shoes and I see this figure by the mirror checking himself out, I was thinking what a douche, but didn’t really think anything of it. I looked up to give this person that look that says ‘stop flattering yourself, hunny’ and then I stopped half way as something about this guy looks familiar. I did stare at him for a couple of seconds before I realize it was that singer of television who is kinda known as the ‘Justin Bieber wannabe’  – Conor Maynard.


To be honest his hair looked better on Thursday

Although I am 20 years old I still couldn’t help but giggle. I then started shaking knowing that I am a couple of meters away from thousands of pounds, this is what money does to me. I did observe him for a while as I hid behind a row of high-heels. I noticed he was looking round the shop a lot, probably seeing if anyone actually noticed him, which was unlikely as most of the women were either older or preoccupied with shoes.


This is how I gave him ‘the eye’

He was with some girl, who was around 17. She decided to pick a jacket which would draw attention to her the most – a leopard print one. She was very short, so I thought the choice was not a good one, but it did match her brown hair. She did refer to Conor as ‘babe’ so I reckon she was either a close close friend of his girlfriend, I am going to say the latter. I mean I did search on websites after I saw him just to see who she was, but she wasn’t to be seen. So I reckon this is an up and coming romance or some fan girl blackmailing him for sending naked snaps, just for the coat. I mean to be honest, it is NEW LOOK, so the coat’s price is pennies to him, so why didn’t she take the initiative and go to CHANEL. That’s exactly what I would do.


This was similar to the coat she was trying on

Anyways I broke the silence to the cashier and he was as excited as I was, he couldn’t help looking over and stumbling over his words. As there was a queue building up I did have to tear him back to reality and show him the group of people getting annoyed behind me. As I did leave the store there were many questions that did arise to me, but one I can’t stop thinking about: “Why hounslow?”


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