I’ll let you put it anywhere, Zac.


Firstly, I revamped the blog. I thought it needed a little sprinkle of paint, literally. That is why the header looks like it has been done by a 5 year old coz I used paint. Anyways, so by the title, you have guessed that this blog will be about my true love and only man I have ever loved called Zac Efron. I dunno if you know him, but he’s pretty well known, and to put it in other words, he is a walking and talking perfection human and I have touch his hand!

I went to see his new film Neighbours. It really made me happy that I was going to see Zac on the big screen, but also that the film came out before being released in the USA, I really do love it when Britain wins over the US, because it doesn’t happen often. Anyways, he does get half naked, which is why I went in the first place. Tbh, the film is okay’ish’, if it wasn’ t for Zac Efron keeping me awake with his amazing abs, I reckon I would have fallen asleep. Oh, he does make a dildo mould out of his penis as well, obviously just in the movie, not just randomly in his free time.

hiya babes

Look at him, come on!

I went to see McBusted as well and it was just amazing. I mean I was in the same room as my first crush, Matt from Busted. I literally cried when they broke up, enough for me to get the day off school. It was a horrible day. They played more Busted songs so I was very happy as I don’t really like McFly as I think people forgot about Busted when they came around and that made me sad. Hey ho, it still was an amazing show and I even have a wristband to be remind me of the night my dreams came true.

I have now finished my 2nd year at Kingston, it has been a struggle, but I actually have done it. This year has been really good and I have met some incredible people and had such a good laugh, so sometimes you do have to be persistent to see an improvement. Oh I am not a tutor anymore (if I didn’t tell you already) and I now work at the University as a student caller and an ambassador. It is so cool, I get paid to talk about crap and get money of people and I wonder why I have had tonsillitis many times since I started.

For now, I am watching people (boys and full grown men) get so involved in Fifa 2014. They keep shouting everytime they pass or given a free kick because of a foul. I will never understand boys and their toys.

Anyways, for now I am counting down the hours to the Eurovision and praying we will get at least 10 points.. as everyone hates us, I doubt that will happen. Nil point for us.


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