happy father’s day, daddy.

So another year has past by and father’s day has come around again. It is a day that I don’t really like, but it makes me think of you even more than if it was a normal day. I miss waking you up with breakfast in bed with a flower I cut from the garden and wrestling Lucky in order for me to fit in the bed. I miss treating you like a king and doing whatever you wanted me to do, even if it was just for Father’s Day. I’ll start of by saying that you was the most amazing and incredible man I have ever met, and probably will ever meet. The one who understands my mood swings and could have made me laugh and smile like no-one else could. Over the years each day reminds me how much you meant to me and how much I would love to spend one more day with you. I have learnt to deal with it in ways I thought was not even possible and it has made me so strong and grateful for everything and for the people I have around me today. I will never under estimate how much you did for me, you tried your best to make my life as happy and enjoyable as possible. Although you heart was breaking when Mum was taken from us you fought it out like a true solider and was there for me constantly. Sometimes I wish that we spent more quality time together as although we was with each 24/7, it still wasn’t enough time. I want to go back to Great Yarmouth, Blackpool and all the other seasides we went to. I will definitely be thinking of you when I go to Blackpool next month, but of course it will not be the same without you and your complaints to whoever you can find and the long car journey up there and spending hours in the arcade.

Without the 17 years of love from you I wouldn’t have turned out so amazing, right? ;) All the qualities I have reflect you, the man who literally would do anything for me and to anyone who I loved and cared for as well, like my friends. You have left a mark on them as well, everyone who met you can not believe you are gone forever. There is always someone thinking about you and the times that you shared with them, mostly me.

I hope you are proud of me and my achievements and how far I have come over the 4 years. I knew I was always capable of pulling through each day and knowing that you are looking over me makes me more determined to be the best at everything I do. I know I have made mistakes and you have been watching all my movements and I am sorry, but do not worry I will take care of myself.

Say Hi to Mum and give her a big kiss and a hug, hope you both are

I love you forever and ever and ever, stay close to me:

Daddy’s Princess X

I’m really sorry I can’t be beside you today, but I will be thinking about you constantly. I will visit you as soon as I get back.



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